An Underestimated Traffic Tactic

Statistics are king!

Back in 2005, when I was desperate to make enough money to leave my corporate job, I put out an offer to my newsletter list offering help with their websites, newsletters and other online tools to boost their business. Excited that I was about to secure a ton of clients with this offer I sent the newsletter. Unfortunately no one took me up on my offer. Even worse, I had no idea why. I sent my newsletter through Outlook, because admittedly I thought at the time, that it was crazy to pay for a newsletter service! What was crazy was that I had to guess what my stats were. How many people opened the newsletter and how many clicked to see the offer on my site? I also had not set up any statistics applications on my ultra sexy (*sarcasm*) html site, so how was I to know if I was a) attracting traffic and b) directing traffic?

Working and building your blogsite is a great step in the right direction, but if you are not measuring who is coming on your site, where are they going and what are they doing, then you are missing a giant piece of the puzzle. In order to know what is working and what is not working you need to track and read your statistics.

Install Google Analytics on your blogsite or create an account and use (there is a free version and that’s good, however the paid version allows you to track each visitors every move!) on your site.

Once your statistics application(s) are installed (yes you can install both) your job it to see:

  • Who is visiting your site? If location matters to your business, this is key.
  • Where are they coming from? Are they being referred to you by other sites, Google searches, your newsletter, etc.?
  • What page do they land on your site? The homepage, your sales page, your current blog post? If they are not landing on a page you want them to land on, then this is a sign that you must promote that page more often. You can send tweets, update your Facebook fan page or write an article incorporating it on your blog and/or newsletter.
  • Where do they go once they are on your site? Are they going where you want them to go? If yes, you are directing traffic nicely if not, you have some work to do.

If you don’t know your site’s statistics you don’t know what you have to tweak, change or promote more of. Many business owners want the joy of having tons of traffic, without the work. But you have to know why and where you are getting your current traffic before so you can build on that.

Join me March 10th as I go through 3 ways to attract and direct traffic to your blogsite. Check it out and register here.

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