A Good Example of a Bad Facebook Ad

FB-f-Logo__blue_144I just clicked on an ad for a productivity workshop that’s local to me and boy am I unimpressed. Here’s why:

1) The ad didn’t mention if the workshop was free or for a fee. When I clicked on it I fond out the workshop is a 6 hour workshop and it’s $750.

Facebook ads are like dating profiles. You don’t go from “oh he looks cute” to 4th base in one motion. You will look like a slime ball. The ad should have led people to a free or low priced offer like a webinar offering value, establishing credibility and gaining trust. Then they can mention their workshop and even then that’s a big jump from awareness, to free or low cost webinar, to an almost 4 figure ticket.

2) The price seems mega high. I’m not sure why they targeted me. Perhaps they were targeting employees of corporations who would have that budget but obviously they missed the target! So their ad targeting needs some adjustment.

3) When I clicked the ad it took me to a…wait for it…PDF file! I am on my phone so it actually downloaded the file on to my phone. I don’t know why they chose to create a pdf for their workshop instead a Web page. Now they can’t even track conversions. How will they know how many people clicked their ad AND registered? They won’t know. They didn’t even mention a specific link to use to register so they could track who came from the ad! The only way to register is to….wait for it…email them. I may be a digital snob but that’s pretty analog not to mention in bad taste when you are selling a $750 ticket!

4) Without their conversion statistics how can they make an informed decision on whether or not to run the ad again the next time they run their productivity workshop?

5) Ironic how the workshop is about productivity but their online marketing and their sales process is anything but productive.

This all makes me sad. They are wasting money on Facebook ads and it’s not Facebook fault (although they shouldn’t allow links to pdf files in my humble opinion). In situations like this I want to reach out and help people but how do you do it without hurting their pride?

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