Google +1, Add it To Your Blogsite

Recently Google released their own twist of Facebook’s “like”, that is “+1”. You may have noticed the “+1” logo on blog posts and in Google searches, it looks like this

What is a “+1”?
Clicking the “+1” button on a blog post or search result means that you recommend it, you think it rocks and that you think your friends should check it out. You are basically giving it your approval much like you do when you click the Facebook “like” or retweet someone’s tweet.

When your friends, contacts and others see that you have “+1’d” something they see that it has been recommended and approved by others. Knowing that other’s “+1’d” something tells them that it’s popular, worth a read and valuable. Social proof is a big thing lately eh? 🙂

Why you should pay attention to +1’s
When you see +1’s in search results you may find yourself gravitating to the results with the most “+1s” as those have been read and recommended by others in your network (be sure to be logged into your Google account to see all the “+1’s”

Add it to your blogsite!
Use the “Google +1 Button” WordPress Plugin ( to add a “+1” button to your blog posts, pages and on your home page so that others can “+1” your site.

If you want more control over where the “+1” appears on your site use the “Google +1 Button Advanced” plugin (

What do you think of the “+1”? Let us know by adding a comment.

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  1. Sandra,

    Thank you for the info about Google+1. Are you using the Advanced Googl+1 plugin or the regular one on your post.

    • I’m using both. 🙂 I am using “Google +1” on my site and “Google +1 advanced” on a client’s site. So far I have no preference over one. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this info. I added the plug-in & activated it. I don’t see it anywhere on my site. I added the plus option. Do I need to do more to get it to show up?


    • Hi Sharon,

      There are some options under settings or tools (depending on which plugin you installed). This is where you indicate where you want the +1 to display on your site. I choose “home page” and at the bottom of your blog posts. Once that is done be sure to go to a specific blog post to see it in action 🙂

  3. Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering what that +1 was for and you have answered that question nicely.

  4. Great post. I had just started to think about adding the +1 to my site. Thanks to you, no research is required!

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