Increase Traffic and Buzz for Your Media

Are you using AudioAcrobat to record your teleclasses, interviews and blog posts etc? If you aren’t, take a good look at it as it allows you to record audio three different ways and gives you a number of options to publish your audio such as a link to download the mp3, audio play buttons to put on your site and more!

Recently AudioAcrobat has added a new option that generates a fully optimized link to increase traffic and buzz for your media. If you want to share your media file on social networking sites and blog platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Diigo and more, and who doesn’t? Take a look at their “Campaign Link” when you are ready to publish your audio. See the screenshot below to see what the option looks like in your account and check out the what the link looks like.

Why would you want to share your media anyway? I wondered this myself, the first time I saw this option, as I always use AudioAcrobat to record my client calls and paid for teleclasses. I definitely don’t want those special calls to be shared and downloaded on the web as they are private and paid for by my clients.

However, when I recorded my complimentary call earlier this week, “8 Core Superhero Web Strategies”, which promotes my upcoming program “Phat Blogsite Strategies – 8 Core Foundational Steps“,  I wanted the audio to be listened to by as many people as possible. It made sense to make use of this option!

So when you have a free audio that you are recording that promotes your expertise, why not give your fans the opportunity to share it with as many people as possible? I’m sure they would be happy to!

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  1. Thanks Sandra!
    Just what I needed for my new E-book. I’ve wanted to include a recorded meditation as an extra bonus in the E-book, but didn’t know how to do it! Now I do – thanks!

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