Completion Not Perfection

Are you a perfectionist or a recovering perfectionist? Perhaps you suffer from “perfection paralysis”?

I never thought of myself as a perfectionist until I was reviewing the content for my renovated and detoxed blogsite. Renovating and detoxing my blogsite,, has been on my “to do list” for a year now! Many things got in the way such myself and client projects, as the saying goes “the cobblers children have no shoes”! My coach gave me a deadline, which came and went. I gave myself two deadlines and those flew by. I sat myself down (well sorta) for an ugly talk. I asked myself “What is stalling you?” My reply was “I have to get the content right. I have to clean up the content on 3 of the pages. I have to shorten the ‘who we work with’ page.” At that point it hit me, I was being a *gasp* perfectionist!

At this point I began to laugh at myself. If this was the 1990’s and I was building a static html site I would need to get the content right because those html pages were a pain to modify. But it’s not the 1990’s, it’s the 2010’s! The age of blogsites which allow you to change data whenever you feel like it! If you have a new idea, you can login and change the your content right away! If you want to add more content to a page it can be done in a few seconds (or minutes depending on how fast you type!) You can even create a new blog post from your smart phone or iPad.

Once I was done laughing at myself, I removed any content I was unsure of, kept a copy of it to review at another time and quickly polished up the rest.

When does the new site launch? Although the content has been detoxed, my team and I are in the process of cleaning up and testing the delivery of my my new pink spoon “Sucking up to Google, being an SEOsaurus and other ways to waste time!” Do you like the title? I would have waited to send this newsletter after the site was done but my coach might have fired me! I can’t let that happen!

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