How to Survive a Blog Detox

On average every website owner begins to dislike their site two or three years after they make it live. Why? Because online trends change, their own tastes change or their client’s needs change.

I am not immune to this phenomenon. I knew it was time for a change when I was embarrassed to send potential clients to my site. I found the navigation to be overwhelming, the home page was too busy and I never did get around to creating a logo or banner! I’m always working on client’s sites that I never had time to create my own!

When preparing for your blog detox you have two choices:

1) Go through your current site and clean up content, remove “expired” blog posts, remove unnecessary buttons on the navigation bar and get a new banner.


2) Start from scratch. Create the new site on a new url ie. (or in my case I created my new site on an entirely new hosting company).This way you can create and play with your new site while your old site is still available for visitors.

Import only the blog posts you think are still valid and interesting to your readers.

Recreate your main pages (“About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Services”etc) from scratch, don’t peak at your old website to speed this process up. You wrote those pages when your business was in a different space.

I chose to go with the latter option as I wanted to move my blogsite to a new hosting company and I wanted to play with the site with a new WordPress theme, new plugins and a whole new look. The challenge here is that you are paying for two hosting packages while your site is being created so move fast!

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