Alert: Are Spiders and Robots Eating up All Your Bandwidth?

Recently, we’ve had a couple of clients come to us with a big problem: their websites were suddenly spiking in server load (also called bandwidth and CPU seconds), causing site slowdowns.

New to FaceBook Ads and overwhelmed? 5 key things you want to know (in plain English)

So you want to use FaceBook Ads to get more traffic to your site, build your newsletter list, invite people to your events and ultimately get more sales. But you are new to FaceBook Ads and you don’t know what you don’t know, and ultimately it could kill your conversions, confidence and your budget. It could stop you from creating…

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SamCart – Love it!

A lot of people have been coming to me asking about SamCart! Yes they are promoting it lately and I say rightfully so. They added new features and it looks even more fresh and modern. It’s easy to use and comes with reports and analytics, plus the following items which I LOVE!! -> Sell digital products, physical products or services…

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When asking what is “the best…” is actually the worst!

I am about to go on a rant here… I am continuously reading posts on Facebook asking people what the best ___ is, such as “What is the best shopping cart?”, “What is the best payment gateway system?”, “What is the best email marketing solution?”, “What is the best WordPress Theme?” and on and on. Why does this make me…

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WordPress 4.6: Faster and Less broken links

WordPress is expected to release WordPress 4.6 on August 16, 2016. While it includes a lot of technical changes that only programmers can understand an appreciate, I won’t be mentioning them here. As an entrepreneur who wants to be excused from the Geek Speak, I bet you are happy! I will be focusing on the elements that will improve your…

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Entrepreneur Productivity: My Top Ten List

I don’t claim to be a productivity expert in any way. However there are some things I’ve learned in my 10+ years of being an entrepreneur and CEO that help me focus, keep my energy up, get more done and work about 10% of the time I did when I first started out. Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests: Back in…

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All in One SEO Pack Plugin – Serious Vulnerability

If you have the very popular WordPress plugin “All in One SEO Pack” installed on your WordPress Blogsite, please take a moment and update it. What’s the problem? A serious vulnerability has been found in the 4th most downloaded plugin, “All in One SEO Pack”. The vulnerability is highly techie, so I will just say this, an attacker can take…

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