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8 Steps to Fat Blogsite Profits

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Step 1: Get a Blogsite

Traditional html sites do not cut it in a competitive and dynamic world. Using a blogsite (blog + site) to promote your business is easiest, fastest and most effective
WordPress is the leader in blogsite software.

Step 2: Create Valuable Content

Create content that your clients and ideal clients need and want to read. The more valuable it is the more often they will come back and refer you!
Generate content ideas by:

  • listening to the trending topics your clients talk about
  • trends in the industry
  • use Google Alerts https://alerts.google.com
This is a really important step that many people skip or get “blog paralysis”.  Participants in my last “Fat Blogsite Profits” program were challenged to create their lists of 50+ future blog post topics. Guess what? They did it in less than an hour and as a result they never run out of content ideas, their content is valuable and rich and they never sit at their computer and just stare at a blank screen hoping a great blog idea hits them in the head. 🙂

Step 3: Leverage Your Content

  • Don’t just create content, leverage it!
  • Take a series of blog posts, polish them up and create an e-book or published book.
  • Market your blog posts on social media sites.
  • Update your Facebook and Twitter status’ with your blog posts’ titles and links to them.

Step 4: Attract Google and Get Smart About SEO

  • Don’t be suckered into SEO packages that cost thousands of dollars!
  • Use keywords in your blog post title, content and category names.
  • Use the Google’s Keyword Tool to research new keywords.

A participant in my last “Fat Blogsite Profits” program was approached by an SEO guru who wanted to sell her a $1,000 package to make her site “search engine optimized”. Her site was two weeks old when he approached her and we
had not covered this step yet. She let him know that she would contact him after she spoke to me and had this class. She did just that. Not only did he stop trying to sell his $1,000 package to her, but he congratulated her on all that she learned and he was impressed that she knew so much about SEO! She reported back to us that she felt empowered when speaking to him and using the SEO lingo I had taught the group. She knew that she didn’t need to feel bullied by the “SEO guru”, she had her notes and knowledge from our program!

Step 5: Build and Attract Community

Your communities are your clients, newsletter readers, twitter followers, facebook fans and potential clients.
Keeping your community happy, loved and feeling special is the way to continue building your community and in turn they will be loyal followers and buyers! How are you currently keeping your communities happy?

Step 6: Drive and Direct Traffic

I hear so much on the web about “driving traffic” to your site. Yes we want to drive people to our blogsites but what do they do when they get there? If you don’t direct them within a few seconds then they will leave your site. Guide them. Let them know what they should read, click or do next.

This is one step that many people skip and then they wonder why they are not converting traffic/visitors into clients and customers.

Step 7: Monetize

Making money is the reason why we are in business. Otherwise wouldn’t call ourselves “entrepreneurs” we’d call ourselves “hobbyists”.
Make it obvious where clients can “insert their credit card”. How can they buy your products or purchase your coaching packages if they don’t know where they are or what they are?

Step 8: Measure, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat.

Statistics are king! Add Google Analytics to your site asap so that you can see where your visitors are coming from, how they heard about you, what words they searched to find you, how long they stayed on your site and more!


Learn what you need to know, without all the unnecessary hype, fluff, and confusion. And when you do you’ll:

  • Avoid looking like a newbie on the web who has no idea what they are doing.
  • Keep your reputation in tact online and offline.
  • Get over your netophobia (fear or hate of the internet).
  • Have an easy way to ongoingly create and publish content on your blog. Content that both Google and your potential clients will be attracted to and will keep coming back for more!
  • Stop wasting time and leverage the content you already have that is hiding in secret places in your brain and on your computer!
  • Let your competition think that SEO is still the way to attract Google, while you give Google what it really wants!
  • Build a community of followers and fans!
  • Drive traffic to your site and get them to do what you want them to do.
  • Remove “scarcity” from your vocabulary and generate sexy hot profits. (No I’m not talking about Google AdSense here! Pa-lease!)
  • Identify on your own, where tweaks need to be made on your site so that your visitors come back often, stay around for awhile and do what you want them to!

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