Aweber Launches “Campaigns” – Trigger the right messages to the right person at the right time

[Disclaimer: This article contains my Aweber affiliate link. I have been a loyal Aweber customer since 2006 so I am confident to refer you to them.]
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Aweber recently launched “Campaigns”. It is their email automation platform. It allows you to “send the right message to the right person at the right time”. What does this mean? It means you can send specific emails to people based on a) how they got onto your list and b) how they have been “tagged”.

For example, you create an email campaign for new subscribers for a free e-course you are creating. The first email that goes out is a “Welcome email”. Then you’ll want to send them a new lesson every few days. Once a reader has read all of the emails containing the lessons of the e-course you created, you can “tag” them with a tag such as “completed-ecourse”. So all of your subscribers who have read your e-course have been tagged with “completed-ecourse”, while those who haven’t yet read your entire e-course or haven’t yet received the entire course won’t be tagged. This is important as you can send a targeted email to those who have completed the e-course such as a coupon for your paid e-course.

This was a very simple example of what “Campaigns” can do for you using one tag. But as you go on you could add more tags. Let’s say you created 3 of these free e-courses and you want to offer anyone who has read all 3 of your free e-courses to a webinar  you are hosting. To do this you create a new campaign that sends an email to anyone who has read all 3 of your e-courses.

Campaigns is just in the beginning stages and knowing Aweber (I’ve been a loyal client of theirs since 2006), they will be adding more and more features. The possibilities of sending targeted email campaigns will be endless.

If you are thinking, “Hey Infusionsoft has been doing this for years”. Yes you are right! Now Aweber is offering this to their customers so they too can send out targeted messages to the right leads.

Aweber is offering a 30-day free trial!  Sign up and start playing with Campaigns and start dreaming up your next email campaign.

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