Convert Clients Faster With LiveStream

Tired of running teleclasses and looking for a new way to build and engage with your community?

Would you like to convert more web visitors or tire kickers into customers and clients faster?

Isn’t it time you were known as one of the leaders in your market?

It is a known fact that video has a higher conversion rate than any other media including audio. There’s something about seeing someone, their mannerisms, their facial expressions and body language that makes us feel like we “know” the person and we trust them faster than we would if we were listening to an audio of them or reading the content in their book. When people get to know, like and trust you they buy from you, when they are ready of course. So why not incorporate video into your marketing plan? Too hard? You don’t have the time?

How about if I told you that all you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Get a web cam (some of you have them built into on your laptops)
  2. Download LiveStream Procaster (a small piece of free software)
  3. Create a free account with
  4. Create your first livestream channel
  5. Create a registration page on your site.
  6. Invite your community to register and let them know to meet you at the scheduled day and time on your livestream channel.
  7. Start your livestream show with a few clicks. Your community can see you and ask questions in the live chat.
  8. At the end of your show you can grab the html code to show off your video on a blog post, or simply direct your community to your livestream channel on

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