Take Your Appointment Scheduling Online and Save Your Inbox

There is never enough time in the day to do what you want to do. Your inbox just gets bigger and bigger. Your “to do” list gets longer and longer. Your brain feels like it’s about to explode. Grrr!

When this happens the best thing to do is spot the one thing that is taking up most of your time, or better yet, what is taking up most of your inbox? In some cases you will want to delegate that to a virtual assistant in other cases you may find that a great online tool can automate a process for you.

When I found that a good chunk of my emails were requests for coaching, meetings and discovery sessions (where the potential client and I (or my OBM) speak to see if there is a connection and how we can help them), I knew I had to automate this process. My clients and potential clients live all around the world and so time zones become a factor when lining up appointments. Instead of analyzing my calendar, writing out the days and times I am available, then calculating the time in their particular time zone, sending that off in an email to the client, then they have to analyze their calendar and get back to me. Unfortunately there have been times when the client replies with a time and date that works for them, but by that time another client has claimed that appointment time, so we have to start all over again! Has this happened to you? It’s kind of embarrassing!

So in comes my superhero www.timetrade.com! Just create an account with TimeTrade, set up an appointment type, tell TimeTrade what days and times you will accept appointments, then send your clients the link to your TimeTrade calendar for that specific appointment type.

I suggest you connect your Google or Outlook calendar to your TimeTrade account. TimeTrade will add any new appointments to your calendar and if your calendar states you are “busy” during any of the times you claimed you were available for appointments it doesn’t allow clients to book appointments at that time. This prevents overbooking!

Once an appointment is made an email is sent to you and your client confirming the appointment. It’s pretty sweet!

So instead of asking your clients to book a time with you “manually” over an email exchange, send them a link to your TimeTrade account and decrease the number of emails swelling up your inbox.

You can also use this tool to allow potential program participants connect with you by providing a link within your sales copy. I am currently using TimeTrade to book discovery calls with those interested in my “Fat Blogsite Profits” program starting June 1st. Interested but wonder if this program is for you? Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with Sandra to ask questions and get clarity: Book your discovery call here.

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  1. I LOVE TimeTrade. I first used it as a client and found it extremely easy to use and loved that it would automatically add it to my calender (even as the client) since I use a Google calendar.
    When I started my own business it was just a no brainer! It was one of the first tools I invested it (it’s extremely reasonably priced).
    I also love it because it becomes purely the clients responsibility to schedule the appointment.
    Great tip!

    • I’m using Tungle.me too! 🙂 I haven’t tried Time Trade yet but have been checking it out for quite a while. I have used two online scheduling tools. The first was Setster, and then I came across Tungle.me. I just love it because it’s easy to use, customizable, and it has a free version. The pro version is not as expensive as the other ones.

      I’ll take advantage of the free trial for Time Trade.

  2. I’m a fellow Timetrade fan and love it! I have an option where clients can book just one session, and after they pay via Paypal, they are taken to my Timetrade page for whatever appointment type they purchased. I love avoiding the back-and-forth and holding open multiple times while waiting to hear from someone.

  3. … are the votes all in? Does everyone agree that TimeTrade out performs Doodle.com & Tungle.me. ??? re. client prepay before scheduling, is this unique to TimeTrade? Are there other reasons to pay for this service as opposed to Tungle and Doodle which I believe are free? Many Thanks!

    • TimeTrade is so inexpensive ($29.95 for the year) and for that price you get so much more in features. I tend to have more trust in applications in the long run if they are charging money. I’ve seen a lot of free applications shut down with no warning! 🙁

  4. Are there any options that have WP Plugins so that my clients don’t have to leave my site to book their appointment?

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