What to consider when considering creating a Web TV show

For a few years now I have had “start a Web TV Show” on my list of goals. I want to be able to provide valuable information and provide entertainment at the same time.  This combination of information and entertainment is known as “infotainment”. I feel it will bring together my dream of being a talk show host, a game show host and a clown (childhood dream) together in one place while building a community online.

Have you ever wanted to start your own Web TV show? If so, you are probably overwhelmed by all the options, opinions and superstars out there. I get it. I have been working with my coach and the web TV expert on my team (who you will meet soon), sorting out all the details of my upcoming show. I wanted to share with you here a few things that I had to consider and sort out with these two experts. It is not a complete list of “how to start your own web TV show”, but it’s the things to consider while you are considering your own show. It will start moving you in the right direction so when you are ready to start your show you have the “pre” work done. Enjoy!

Start Off Small

The thing about starting a Web TV show is that there are a lot of components to it. It is easy to get excited and want to add every bell and whistle to your show, but don’t. Start off small and grow from there. Do you think Oprah, Ellen and other top show hosts started off with a big studio and a massive production team? Nope! So start with a simple plan and let your show grow from there.

Keep the Technology Simple

All you need is a camera and good lighting. You can use the camera on your laptop, a GoPro or the camera on your smart phone to record your show.

Be sure to have lighting aimed at both sides of your face and no lighting shining from behind you.

Brainstorm a List of Show Topics

Creating a list of topics ahead of time will ensure that you won’t run out of ideas and find yourself starring into your camera lens hoping an idea will hit you in the face!

For topic ideas look at the content you have already created such as blog posts, articles and books.

You could also create 3 or more “categories” or “themes” for your show and then brain storm topics under each category. Then you could create a series or a “season” for your TV show around those categories or themes.


Scheduling your TV show could be tricky. Will you publish a new episode each week? Consider that this may become overwhelming or that life might get in the way of your weekly show.  Consider scheduling breaks or time off. Communicate it with your audience so that they aren’t disappointed when they expect to see a new episode published by you and it’s no where to be found.

If you are creating “seasons” for your TV show, you could publish a season and then announce that the next season will begin on a certain date. Give yourself at least a 2 week break in between to refresh your brain, take a break and brainstorm new topics.


Now that you have considered the above are you considering your own Web TV show? Keep following me on my blog and my newsletter as I go through setting up my own show. Enjoy!

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