The portable tools you need for creating video on the go!

[Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links to Amazon. If you don’t wish to use the links these items are available at,,…you get the idea 🙂 ] Sandra, do you have any recommendations on audio video equipment that’s great on the go? I have some upcoming seminars that I’d love to grab interviews from but the tech learning curve…

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How to Really Know What Your Visitors are Looking for so You Can Give it to Them!

Do you get stuck wondering what to blog about next? Are you unsure of what your audience wants? Have you run out of ideas for blog posts? Well, this is the plugin for you! This plugin will tell you what your audience is looking for so you can provide them with they cannot find on your blogsite!

Spice up Your Blogs with 6 Different Blogging Formats

Blogging offers so many great rewards. A chance to get your expertise out there and create your legacy. A chance to educate your market. A  great way to get Google to notice your blog and get you higher up in Google rankings. A way to give your market a taste of your style, knowledge, skills and personality so that they…

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