Facebook Group Chats Could Mean Trouble For your Groups

Facebook is rolling out “Group chat” features in Facebook groups. What does this mean? It means up to 250 members of your group can be invited into a chat without you being invited! Yes admins can be excluded and you have not control over it, unless you disable the ability for members to create groups and enable it so that…

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Password Change Screen Image

Oh no! A team member left your business. Now what?

The nature of the virtual workspace, and especially the gig economy, is that many of our working relationships these days are transitory. You hire a virtual assistant, or a graphic designer, or a marketing firm, you work together for a while, and then the relationship dissolves. And while sometimes that relationship dissolves in a negative way – you end up…

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Gutenberg | WordPress | 5.0

Gutenberg and You – What you need to know if you own a WordPress Website

If you use WordPress for your website, you may have already heard some rumblings about the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release. The company is preparing to unveil a radically new way of managing content. Love it or hate it (and there are certainly a lot of opinions out there already), it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a game changer. Some people…

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Entrepreneur Productivity: My Top Ten List

I don’t claim to be a productivity expert in any way. However there are some things I’ve learned in my 10+ years of being an entrepreneur and CEO that help me focus, keep my energy up, get more done and work about 10% of the time I did when I first started out. Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests: Back in…

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Automate with IFTT

Take control of your social media, automatically back things up and let your phone action items based on your location with IFTT. IFTT, (If This, Then That), allows you to set a “Trigger” that then creates an “Action”, they call them “Recipes”. There are many Recipes ready for you to add that will take your productivity to a new level…

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Get more done: Put Your Inbox on Pause

What would it be like to not get a single email in your inbox for a day? Would you get more done? Would you be able to focus instead of being at the whim of your inbox and those email notifications? Do your clients complain that they can’t get anything done? Do they “live” out of their inbox? Emails can…

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How to add new email subscribers on your mobile device

How to add new email subscribers to your list while at a live event or in person using the new Aweber app, “Atom”! No more adding new subscribers manually to your list or trying to decipher someone’s bad handwriting on a sign up sheet attained from your last speaking event. Start your $1 Aweber trial today: https://techcoach.aweber.com (affiliate link) Download…

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