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Oh no! A team member left your business. Now what?

The nature of the virtual workspace, and especially the gig economy, is that many of our working relationships these days are transitory. You hire a virtual assistant, or a graphic designer, or a marketing firm, you work together for a while, and then the relationship dissolves. And while sometimes that relationship dissolves in a negative way – you end up…

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All in One SEO Pack Plugin – Serious Vulnerability

If you have the very popular WordPress plugin “All in One SEO Pack” installed on your WordPress Blogsite, please take a moment and update it. What’s the problem? A serious vulnerability has been found in the 4th most downloaded plugin, “All in One SEO Pack”. The vulnerability is highly techie, so I will just say this, an attacker can take…

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What you need to know about the critical policy changes from Gmail and Microsoft!

Critical policy changes from Gmail and Microsoft will take effect on June 30, 2016 and this affects your email deliverability! You know, when you send an email you want to make sure it gets to the person or people you emailed. This is especially important when you publish your newsletter and send transactional emails to clients, customers and members of…

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Warning: A New Hack “strategy” on Facebook

Facebook accounts are being hacked in a way we have not seen before. Watch out. The hackers post a fake video with your profile picture blurred as the thumbnail and then tag a bunch of your friends in the comments. The “video” links to some “adult” sites. If you are tagged in one of these do not click the link….

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Beware the Bluehost Phishing Emails

Fake emails are going out to Bluehost customers indicating that they have 1000’s of directories on their account and they must reduce the number of directories they have in order to avoid possible account deactivation and a locked site. This sounds like an email that would come from the good folks at Bluehost support, however it is not. If you…

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How to “de-hack” your WordPress Blogsite

Dear Sandra, I wish there were an “Instant De-Hacking” plugin. Is there a tool that will scan your entire WP site from top to bottom and find and destroy malware code that has been injected? (I’m in hacking hell right now, and working my way out, but it’s surely a tedious irritation!) (Also, can that same plug-in unleash a torture…

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