My first Facebook Live and how you can easily do it too

This is just a quick note to let you know two things about Facebook Live. 1) I did my first Facebook Live yesterday. Why did it take me so long to do one? Facebook Live wasn’t rolled out to Canada (where I live) until a few months ago but they only rolled it out to iPhone users. I’m an Android girl….

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Are you Tweetable?

Make it super easy for others to promote your business with a simple tweet that requires no thought on their part. In fact, people are always looking for new things to tweet, by making it easy for them to find tweetable content you will both benefit. allows you to create tweetable links to publish on your emails, blog posts…

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SumoMe Social Sharing and Heatmaps demo

In this video, I show you the basic & free features that SumoMe offers plus a step by step demonstration of how to put SumoMe to work on your own WordPress site. Instead of blindly guessing where people spend time on your site, add the HeatMap option. Instead of hoping people find the share buttons on your site, add the…

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Facebook Ads: Why you can’t direct people to LeadPages

If you are creating Facebook Ads and you can’t figure out why they keep disapproving your ad, it’s probably because you have set the “destination page” to a page on You see, all “destination pages” must not lead to pages that have been flagged by the “Web of Trust”: Ads may not lead to destination pages that have been flagged…

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How to add a Google+ Badge to Your WordPress Blogsite

Watch this video and in just a few minutes you will have a nice Google+ Badge displayed (like the one below) on your own WordPress Blogsite. Here’s the link to create your own Google+ badge:

Enable This Security Setting on Facebook Now

Facebook is slowly making new security settings available to secure your data over unsecured internet connections, like when you are working from the cafe. This week they are rolling out a new setting that will secure the data in your profile and anything in your Facebook account while you are out using public wifi networks. The new setting will enable…

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How to Avoid Being Sleazy and Make the Mistakes Desperate Entrepreneurs Make on Social Networking Sites

If you have been turned off by someone on Twitter, Facebook etc chances are they were either sleazy or their desperation rubbed you the wrong way. But how do you avoid being and acting the same way? Here are a few tips for you. Salesy – Avoid being salesy by creating a mix of content using the V.C.E.P.P.F. model (Value,…

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