Paid Leads, Higher Retention and Higher Conversions. Who is in?

What business owner doesn’t want paid leads, high retention and high conversions? Of course you want it all! So here’s what I’ve been researching my heart out on and I’m bringing the knowledge back to you. Nano continuity sites is where it is at! Enjoy! A nano continuity site is a small membership site with low work on your side…

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Creating Powerful Membership Sites When You Have a Small List

When it comes to marketing and making money, size does matter. The size of your newsletter list, Facebook Fan list, Twitter follower list and connections on LinkedIn that is. The Big Question I am often asked “Sandra I know you are in favour of creating recurring monthly revenue and membership sites. However I have a small list. Should I create…

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Spring Clean your Computer and Fatten Your Wallet

I realize it’s January and most of us are surrounded by snow at the moment, but the topic of spring cleaning keeps coming up for me lately and I’d like to share why it will fatten your wallet. 🙂 Let’s look at the daunting task of cleaning out your closet. Most of us don’t want to do this task because…

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Virtual Assistants, Help Business Owners Leverage Their Content

It’s likely that your current (and prospective clients) have all kinds of content they’ve already created but are not fully leveraging. For example, could they turn that 6 week coaching program into a 6-week home study program?  Or could their one day webinar be broken down into a 5-day program? Or perhaps their mp3 recordings could be sold individually or…

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Membership Sites for WordPress Lovers Only

If you like using WordPress, then you’ll love the resource that I’ve been using on my client’s blogsites, it’s called Wish List Membership. Many people have tried to turn WordPress into a membership site but in the past it’s been quite tricky, time consuming and frustrating! I spent a good month trying to set up […]