Spice up Your Blogs with 6 Different Blogging Formats

Blogging offers so many great rewards. A chance to get your expertise out there and create your legacy. A chance to educate your market. A  great way to get Google to notice your blog and get you higher up in Google rankings. A way to give your market a taste of your style, knowledge, skills and personality so that they can get to know, like, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

Although the list of benefits can reach from here to the moon we sometimes slack on our commitment to blogging. Why is that? Are we too busy? Have we run out of ideas? Or have we just become bored of the blogging process?

For me, I know that writing is not my favourite way to create a blog post but for some odd reason it’s been the ONLY way I have blogged for years! Bad me. I know that I can pump out blog posts faster and more often if I created video blog posts, which I will be a ton this year.

Let’s look at a few more ways to spice up your blog posts and pump out more blog posts more often. See which one resonates with you and get going.

  1. Video– Like I just mentioned video blog posts can be really easy to create if you have all the tools ready to go and you aren’t shy.Start by getting comfortable with a web cam and creating a few test videos. Most laptops come with web cams that are sufficient for blogging. You don’t need a pricey studio to get going.Host your videos on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com. YouTube is owned by Google therefor YouTube videos show up on Google’s search results.If you’d like to share a PowerPoint presentation or even your desktop in your video you can use ScreenFlow (for Mac) and Camtasia (for PC and Mac) to record your desktop.

    Once  your video is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo embed the video into a blog post.

  2. Web TV – Create a channel on LiveStream.com and record a “TV” show in front of a live audience or with no audience. You can then take your LiveStream recording and embed the video into a blog post.
  3. Audio – Would you rather not appear on a video at all but don’t mind your voice to be recorded? Create an audio recording and upload it to AudioAcrobat.com, or record the audio using one of Audio Acrobat’s many recording options, then embed the player html code into a blog post. Use Audio Acrobat to publish your podcasts to many podcast directories.
  4. Images – Adding images to your blog posts makes them visually pleasing for your reader. If you can grab a nice image from istockphoto.com or take a photograph from your smart phone and upload it to your blog with a WordPress App.
  5. MindMaps – Use a mindmap to present your ideas, plan out an event, plan your year etc then export it as a jpg and add that to your blog post. There are a ton of mindmapping software options available. If you are just getting started try “Free Mind” for Mac and PCs.
  6. Cartoons – If you are a great drawer, or know someone who is, using cartoons in your blog posts is very unique! Past “Fat Blogsite Profits” participant Sue Johnston has been doing this on her blog and it looks amazing. It gives her an edge over her competition and allows her to express her creative side.All you need to do is draw your cartoon on a piece of paper, scan it and add the scanned image to a new blog post.

So which of the above 6 different blogging formats do you like the most? Which ones have you already tried? Which ones excite you and which ones bore you? Leave your replies in the comment box for me. Thanks!

By the way, I know this blog post contained only text. My future blog posts will contain video and maybe even some drawings! I’ll go dig out my crayola markers now!

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  1. Hey SDF!
    I have seen a lot of video blogs that turn me off though. Literally a person with a laptop and talking to camera so excitedly. The backgrounds are distracting, the headrooms are huge and they’re too long!
    How can we make them better and hold our short attention spans because I’m long gone after 2 minutes.

    • I know what you mean KD.

      Videos should be 3 minutes or less. The way I see it the world is being “twitterized”, meaning we want info in smaller, bit-sized pieces with no fluff and this goes for videos too.

      If you find your videos are going over 3 minutes you can consider doing a series, like “part 1”, “part 2”, etc.

      If you are recording a livestream/ustream show or teaching a webinar, of course the videos ought to be larger but let your visitors know that it is a “show” or “webinar” so they know ahead of time that it is not a “quickie” 🙂

      I’ve seen some really distracting backgrounds as well. I can’t find a nice simple place in my home for some good videos. I want to renovate my office and a big motivation is because I want to do videos! 🙂 It’s important to have a clean background with not too many colours and good lighting.

      Thanks for stopping by KD!

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