How to Really Know What Your Visitors are Looking for so You Can Give it to Them!

Do you get stuck wondering what to blog about next? Are you unsure of what your audience wants? Have you run out of ideas for blog posts? Well, this is the plugin for you! This plugin will tell you what your audience is looking for so you can provide them with they cannot find on your blogsite!

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  1. This is a helpful plug-in. In addition to telling what people are searching for on your site, you can use this tool to build a picture of your target audience and their general and specific interests. That will drive the number of posts you make about a particular topic and/or additional pages, products, articles or content you can post to attract attention.

    For those visitors who didn’t find what they were looking for, over time you can build a picture of the common interests which will also help you to better understand how to attract and retain clients.

    One word of caution about this tool is that you must have a clear picture of your mission and vision and what you WANT to offer in terms of products and services. If people are coming to your site for things you don’t want to offer, that fact should lead you to reconsider your keywords and internet marketing strategy and further refine your site and techniques to attract people who want what you have to offer rather than people who are looking for something outside your market scope.

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