The portable tools you need for creating video on the go!

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Sandra, do you have any recommendations on audio video equipment that’s great on the go? I have some upcoming seminars that I’d love to grab interviews from but the tech learning curve is making me want to pull my hair out. Hahaha

Amanda Gates

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Hi Amanda,

Do not pull your hair out! We can get through this! 🙂

You can use your smartphone (which you likely have packed with you) or even a GoProcamera. Smartphones create awesome quality videos. It’s not super high quality but remember your audience will relate to you more as a human if your videos are relatable. They find it harder to relate to you or even connect with you when your videos are super duper produced. Know what I mean?

For a mic you can grab the Azden WMS-PRO+I VHF Wireless Lavalier and Handheld Mic System. It comes with a handheld for your guest and a lapel mic for you. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You gotta love that! It’s easy to use and will fit in your purse or laptop bag!

Thank you for asking Amanda. I know many others may be wondering the same thing!

Have fun at your seminars and enjoy those interviews!

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