DIY Facebook!

How to Plan, Create, and Publish FB Ads that Get in Front of Thousands of Your Ideal Audience & Increase Your Sales 

Learn exactly how hundreds of others have:

  • Increased their newsletter lists 
  • Increased engagement with their audience 
  • Increased traffic to their offers 
  • Increased sales conversions 
  • and so much more with Facebook Ads 
  • And exactly how to do that with a controlled budget to targeted audiences - and yes, you can do it yourself!

I will teach you how!

... Sound Good? Great!

About Sandra...

Sandra De Freitas is a top technology coach, speaker, trainer, author and expert in internet technology. She launched her first business “Tech Coach for Coach’s” back in 2005, where she supported coaches and other entrepreneurs with her technical, marketing and business expertise. In 2008 she founded WPBlogsites.com a successful digital marketing, coaching, and training firm and authored the book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? How to use a WordPress Blogsite to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status“. The 2nd edition was released in 2010 and the 3rd edition was released in 2014. 

Sandra is holds 11 certifications including: WishList Member, Yoast SEO, Conversion Funnels and Customer Value Optimization, Content Marketing Mastery, Paid Traffic and Customer Acquisition Mastery, Social and Community Mastery, Email Marketing Mastery, Search Marketing Mastery, Analytics and Data Mastery, Optimization and Testing Mastery and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. 

Her technology expertise is second only to her wicked sense of humour and contagious enthusiasm. Have you ever attended an event with Sandra? If so, then it won’t surprise you why Sandra likes to think of herself as a professional class clown. 

What makes Sandra unique is her combination of technology expertise, coach training, sense of humour and her passion for marketing, the web and entrepreneurship spirit. She’s that rare combination of tech-geek with a creative, passionate spirit that makes you laugh when technology is about to make you cry. You may have seen Sandra on-stage as a speaker or emcee at Andrea J. Lee’s events and Alicia Forest’s events.

Let’s make sure this training is right for you…

  • Are you sick of seeing your competition rock it with Facebook ads? 
  • Do you have a newsletter list that could use a solid boost of fresh new subscribers? 
  • Would you like to get your business in front of people who don’t yet know who you are and what you offer? 
  • Do you wish you could bring your website visitors back to your site over and over again? (In a classy way) 
  • What if you could display a special offer enticing those who have been to your sales page but didn’t buy at the time? 
  • What if you could remind those same people that you are shutting down registration and now is the time to buy? 
  • What if you could display ads that target people who: 

 - are in your local area 

 - are your target market 

 - have downloaded your freebie 

 - have been to your website 

 - have been to a specific page on your website 

 - have visited your sales page but didn’t buy 

 - are on your newsletter list? 


That would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it? I’m sure you can already see the potential to grow your reach and your bottom line by using Facebook Ads the right way. 

Perhaps you dabbled in Facebook ads and you got some results but you want to boost your confidence, and be able to create, manage and tweak your ads yourself while having full control. 

The biggest problem is that most courses on FaceBook Ads are geared to those who speak “Geekese” and have some experience in creating and managing their own ads. 

But you know what? 

Those courses are simply overwhelming for beginners. 

They jam in too much fluff. They use terminology that they don’t explain in plain English and that leaves people confused and frustrated. That’s definitely not what you want. 

These courses are not geared to the beginner and so the training goes over your head and your money goes out the door. The struggle is real. 

When my friend, Alicia Forest, asked me to teach FaceBook Ads to her workshop attendees. I was a little reluctant. I love teaching. I love FaceBook Ads. I love teaching this material. It’s become a labour of love for me, but I never really wanted to run a full class. I didn’t want the responsibility of teaching a class, but so many people have been asking me about how I can teach them to create and run their own FaceBook ads successfully - and to teach them in plain English (because that’s what I’m known for). 

So I’m actually going to teach this class and I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about it.

Introducing... DIY Facebook Ads

In this 9 module video and coaching course, (no video is over 20 minutes long), I step you through: 

  • choosing the right ad type for your goals so that you maximize your efforts and ad spend 
  • writing your ad copy and choosing the right graphic for your ad, so your ad has a high “ad scent” which helps with your “relevancy score”, and I’ll explain those both to you in the course 
  • planning your ad so that you can log into the Ads Manager once and input it once without confusion, second guessing yourself or panicking 
  • analyzing your ad so that you know when your ad is doing well or when it needs to be tweaked 
  • scaling your ad so that you can put in front of even more people. 

I give you a simple to use spreadsheet throughout the process so when you are ready to input your ad you have everything you need in front of you. That means you can be in and out of the Ads Manager in less than 5 minutes. 

Which is pretty awesome.

See, that’s one problem I’ve found... 

People log into the Ads Manager and expect a good Ad to appear in front of them without any planning or organization. They just want to spew out what’s in their head and hope it works. 

It’s like throwing spaghetti on the Facebook wall! :) 

You won’t need to go through that. I’ve got you covered. It’s the same spreadsheet I use with all of our clients who are successfully using Facebook Ads to grow their business.

You'll learn...

  • How to get started easily, even if you don’t plan to run your first ad immediately 
  • The different marketing objectives that Facebook Ads can achieve for you 
  • The different type of ad types and choosing the right type of ad to run for your goal(s) 
  • The many ways to find your target audience on FaceBook - it’s not just who follows you on Facebook. And here’s a secret: you’ll LOVE how creative you can get with your ads based on what you learn in this section alone. 
  • The importance of “ad scent” and how to letting your ad go “stale” will kill how often Facebook displays your ad. You don’t want that 
  • Creating your ad copy and images. 
  • How to use my Facebook Ad Spreadsheet along the way so you can create your ads and be in and out of Facebook Ad Manager in no time while creating a meaningful and effective ad. 
  • Analyzing your statistics so you know how well your ad is doing and where you should be tweaking it. 
  • How to scale your campaigns so you can reach even more people. 


With all the knowledge I’ll share with you plus and all of the resources, checklists and templates I’m going to give you, you’ll be able to confidently create your own Facebook Ad Campaigns now AND you’ll be able to repeat this process over and over. 


It’s cheaper than hiring a company to do it for you - plus you get full control over your Facebook Ad campaigns. 


You can take this course and have your ads running in just a few weeks. 


But if you prefer, you could skip the course and try to figure out Facebook Ads on your own, watching your time, energy and ad budget wilt away. I can say that truthfully because I’ve seen many people go through that and it isn’t pretty. It’s frustrating for them and it’s frustrating to watch too. 


I spent a good chunk of this past year upgrading my knowledge and skills on various internet marketing strategies. I completed a ton of certifications, including Digital Marketer’s Paid Traffic and Customer Acquisition Specialist and also gained their Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification. I proudly received 100% on my final exam. I don’t think I ever got 100% on an exam before! I really do love this stuff. 


I’ve created Facebook Ads for our clients and teach it to my team to use in working with our clients - and like I said, I also taught this at Alicia Forest’s event, where the participants were kind enough to share their words of praise below. 


I have been teaching online marketing for 12 years and I consistently get the same feedback: 


“Sandra I love how simple and easy you make it for us to understand and implement!” 


I may be a geek at heart, but I do teach using everyday analogies and examples. I love to make learning fun, easy and simple. Who wants to learn how to do something that’s complicated and boring anyhow?

Here’s what others have said about my training:

“Although I’ve dabbled in Facebook Ads, I really didn’t know what I was doing, and because my clients were asking for help with their own FB Ads, I decided it was time to bring in the expert - Sandra De Freitas. Sandra’s class on FB Ads for my workshop attendees was not just super-informative but it was also a ton of fun. Sandra has a knack for taking complex techie-topics and breaking them down into simple, doable steps - especially for the non-techies. As she answered the many questions her students had with ease, you could sense the relief in the room. She also has an intuitive sense of exactly how much information they needed to take the next step, without overwhelming them with ALL of her knowledge. That’s a skilled teacher and presenter. If you’re new to using FB Ads, this is THE course I recommend.”

-Alicia Forest, MBA

"Sandra De Freitas' workshop on Facebook ads was so accessible and easy to understand, that I immediately put her ideas to work. I've always been intimidated by how complicated Facebook ads seem, but Sandra gave us simple, clear steps that any novice can follow. I'm actually excited about Facebook ads for the first time EVER!"

-Lisa Braithwaite

“I came in already knowing the basics as I’d utilized Facebook Ads once before, but Sandra's fresh content gave some extremely valuable tips that I was completely unaware of! Her style was succinct, clear but certainly not boring as some classes I find like this can be. She supplied us with great info and smart tips that I’ll definitely be using in the future. Can’t wait to do my next Facebook Ad now. Thanks Sandra!’

-Lisa Kelly

"Sandra made me understand in 2 minutes what seem so complicated and that I was avoiding: the PIXEL. Her ability to explain technical topics is amazing. Her talk about Facebook ads made me understand and realize I can do it."

-Brigitte Nadeau

“Sandra makes learning anything fun. Her FB ad training made all of us feel powerful and put us in the driver's seat with the latest inside easy tech tips to maximize the power of FB ads in an authentic way."

Kaydee Dahlin

"I loved the FB Ads training Sandra De Freitas did! She made this topic easy to understand, which allowed me to put it right into action. Her approach was methodical, thorough and fun! It was clear, Sandra, knows these materials inside and out, and she wanted to make sure I walked away “getting it”, too. I can’t wait to take another program from her!"

Helen Foreman Kosinski

So, if you’re ready to get more website traffic, increase your newsletter list, bring people back to your sales pages, and get control over your Facebook ad campaign, now is the time.

Here’s what you get with the DIY Facebook Ads Course:

Module 1: Getting Started 

Facebook Ad basics - getting started and what to do before you even have an ad idea Pixels - what are they, how do you set them up and why are they important. By the way, when I taught FB Ads at a workshop, everyone fell in love with the pixel - how easy it was to set up, how it much insight it gave them and how they could use it to direct specific ads to specific website visitors. Your first look at my specific Facebook Ads spreadsheet. Your tool and life saver for creating facebook ads. Choosing your ad project for the duration of this course. Yes, I want you to take the course and actually do the work. Hey, it’s the best way to learn, right? 

Module 2 - Map Out Your Goals

Creating your customer avatar Cold vs Warm vs Hot Traffic Cold Traffic: Goals and Offers Warm Traffic: Goals and Offers Hot Traffic: Goals and Offers  

Module 3 - Zero in on your Ad Objectives

An overview of all the Ad objectives available on Facebook Choosing which objective is the best for you  

Module 4: Find your Market

The many different ways to find your market on Facebook Which way(s) are best for your ad  

Module 5: Create your Ad copy

What “ad scent” is and how to avoid it and being penalized Tips on creating copy Tips on creating the right image for your ad Image specification tipsheet Resource for calculating % of text on your ad image

Module 6: Putting it all together

Creating your first ad campaign Facebook ad checklist 

Module 7: Analyze your Stats

Making sense of your stats What to look out for and when

Module 8: Troubleshooting

What to do when your ad campaign is failing What 4 components you need to review and tweak to make your ad great

Module 9: Scaling

What to do wheLearn how to take your same ad and get it front of even more people 

You'll also get:

  • While the course is running, I’ll go Live in the Facebook group and answer your questions, twice a week. When the course is over this will be reduced based on demand and need of all participants.
  • All the training videos are available to you in our learning center and are yours to watch beyond when the course ends. 
  • The modules are dripped out to you Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is by design so that you go at a good pace, you don’t get overwhelmed, and so that you have time to work through the worksheets and really think through your first ad. 
  • We start Monday February 13 and the last module is released on March 3rd. 
  • A private Facebook group to post your questions, get feedback and connect with others in the course 
  • I will be very active in the group as we release modules. I know you will have questions and I’ll be there to help you out and point you in the right direction. 
  • While the course is running, I’ll go Live in the Facebook group and answer your questions, twice a week. When the course is over this will be reduced based on demand and need of all participants.

You’ll also get these goodies: 

  • My Facebook Ad Spreadsheet template 
  • Facebook Ads checklist 
  • Facebook Ad Glossary of Terms 
  • Facebook Ad Clarification Chart 
  • Image Tip Sheet 
  • Resources to help you create the right image 

Other Facebook Ad courses start at $997 and they are geared to those that have had some success with Facebook Ads already. That’s not good news for a beginner like you, now is it? 

So for this beginner Facebook Ad course you only pay $297 or 2 payments of $175. 

If I run this course again, you can bet the price will go up, because $297 is crazy for the information you are getting, the support you are getting, along with the resources to help you. 

We have thousands of people reading this and I know a lot of you are really interested. 

However, since it’s going to be an interactive class, we only have 40 spots available in total and 25 spots are already spoken for at this moment. 

So if you’re interested in this, register right away, as I’m sure it’s going to fill up very, very quickly.

Two Payments of $175

Or Click here to Save $53

Our Guarantee 

The course includes 9 modules and it begins on Monday February 13. The last module will be released on March 3rd. If you find by the end of module 4 that this course is not for you, we ask that you email our support team and tell them you’d like a refund. Of course we will be curious why you think the course is not for you, so will ask you to provide that feedback.If you do this before the next module is release, that is by February 21st, we will refund you 100%. 

If you’re ready, we’d love to have you in the course and we promise to take good care of you.

Two Payments of $175

Or Click here to Save $53

We are running out of time! Registration Closes at midnight ET, Friday Feb. 10. Only 15 seats are currently available!* 

*and 25 seats have already been reserved!


Please don’t wait until I run this course again. I don’t know when I will run it again, but I will say that the price will go up, and there may be less access to me for questions and support. 

Remember you are getting 9 modules to take you through the entire process of creating facebook ads confidently, with support from me in the facebook group, worksheets, resources, tips sheets, and I will hold your hand through the entire process. 

Any questions? Email support@wpblogsites.com

Reserve your seat here:

Two Payments of $175

Only 15 seats are available!

Or Click here to Save $53

Only 15 seats are available!