Your Website Inspection and Tune-Up


BlockGraphic2Do you ever wonder if your site is doing what you need it to?
(Or how you would know if it is?)

BlockGraphic2Do you wish your site worked for you vs. you always working on it?

BlockGraphic2And have you ever felt even a little bit uncomfortable sending
people to your website

BlockCheck3Most entrepreneurs answer Yes! to at least 2
(if not all 3) of these questions.


  • Virtually every bright, capable, intelligent, successful business owner I know has these nagging concerns.
  • That’s because this is tricky stuff. It’s confusing and you end up spinning your wheels and wasting tons of valuable time.
  • It’s hard to run a business and learn everything you need to know about websites and marketing to make everything work together at an optimal level.
  • That’s because you’ve been doing what is most important – doing the “thing” you do best.  That’s where you should be spending your time.



TuneUp_Exclamation2I can’t tell you how many times even well-respected entrepreneurs have come to me because they are drained, embarrassed, and frustrated by their websites. This is WAY too common.

All they really need is a knowledgeable tech and marketing expert to show them the way – show them what’s working on their site, what’s not working, what just needs a tweak here or there – and ideally, someone to help them implement it.

The problem is, very few tech experts have marketing expertise – and vice versa.

I can’t explain why, but I happen to get excited about both of these areas of expertise, so I set out years ago to become super knowledgeable in both.

OK, so I’m a super geek about marketing, too…not just technology.

The truth is – all geek jokes aside – I’m really glad I did this because it helped me build my 6-figure business efficiently and effectively without feeling drained or overwhelmed.

In my business I get to work with clients’ sites every day – day in and day out.

I build them. I analyze them. I monetize them. I improve them.

And I help business owners know exactly what to do to get their site to perform and produce the results they want through a Site Review.

In the past I’ve only offered this degree of detailed support to existing clients as part of their ongoing tech support package. I just didn’t have the time or capacity to do it for everyone who wanted it. But because I’ve built this awesome team of 25+ experts, it’s freed up my time so I can focus on blending my three favorites things – technology, marketing, and helping people feel great about their websites so they can get the results they want.

If I’m being completely honest, it’s also because so many people have been badgering asking me to review their sites and offer feedback on the technical, marketing and lead generation aspects of their sites.

And frankly, I hate seeing entrepreneurs being led astray by well-meaning people who don’t have all the information or may not have expertise in both technology and marketing. This really bugs me.



A Site Review with me (Sandra De Freitas) is a professional, detailed technology and marketing inspection of your site with specific tuneup recommendation that sets you up to:

 1. Close more sales and maximize your profits, so you can make more money while doing less (and with a lot less stress)

2. Increase your lead generation with engaged, ideally-suited prospective clients

3. Market your site with confidence – and be proud to show it off

4. Ensure your technology is current and state-of-the-art so you not only get maximum efficiency and effectiveness, but so your site is prepared to grow with you as your business grows

5. Enhance your users’ experience so they stay on your site longer, get more interested in and engaged with what you’re doing, which leads to more sales

6. And keep your visitors coming back for more…

In your Site Review I’ll review and make recommendations on:

  • your entire site
  • the marketing on your site
  • your lead generation systems
  • your site’s technology (such as plugins, opt-in strategy, membership tools, etc.)

And I won’t just look at the front of your site – the part that everybody sees. I’ll also look under the hood – by logging into the back-end of your site and giving it a thorough inspection, too. (If you want help with other aspects of the site, we can arrange that, too.)



Here’s how the Site Review works (it’s really quite simple)…

You’ll receive all of this – the full site review and  the customized video of your site review – for just $497.


Seriously, if you’re sick and tired of hassling with your website and not getting the results you want, register for your personalized Site Review now.

Remember, you’re not getting a flimsy, impersonal, written report that you have to try to figure out.

You get a customized, detailed review on video to make it super easy to understand. You can take this video to your team or hire our experienced team to convert the recommendations into action.

For just $497!


While I like the design work my previous developers created for my website, I was not at all happy with their strategic or technical expertise when it came to WordPress.  I knew my site wasn’t working the way should – and felt sick that I was going to have to start over from scratch.  
When I heard Sandra was offering website reviews, I jumped at the chance to learn from her – and boy did she deliver!   Sandra has an amazing sense of humor and makes even the most complicated, techie, things easy to understand.  
Sandra went through my entire site and sent me a 30 minute video recording which captured all her recommendations and expert advice.  I loved being able to see exactly what she was referring to as she spoke.  She knew WordPress inside and out — and told me specifically what I needed to do.  There was no way I would have been able to take notes that fast.  Sandra is a master and having that video to replay over and over is a godsend.     
I am so relieved.  I now have a prioritized list of 5 things that I need to do and I am confident that I know how to get them done.  
Thank you, Sandra.   
Valerie Mercurio


This has exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much. I have been wanting someone to do this for me for about a year and I just have not found the right person.

Sarah Stevenson



Still not sure or have some questions? Contact us here and let us know how we can help.

I can’t wait to get started with you!

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