Entrepreneurs and small business owners – is your website holding you back?

A BLOGSITE can propel you forward!

What’s a blogsite? Glad you asked! A blogsite is a blog + a website. You know how traditional html websites have static pages such as “about us”, “contact us”, “services” etc? Well a blogsite is a website’s static pages combined with a blog. The blog enables us to add content and make our site dynamic. It also allows us to add extra functionality through WordPress plugins (plugins are like accessories for your blog). It is through WordPress plugins that you can really customize your site and add functionality like listing your latest tweets, adding a Facebook “Like” to your posts and creating a membership site!

The team at WPBlogsites.com works primarily with online entrepreneurs and small businesses who know the value of using the internet to attract global clients and profits.

If you are finding yourself struggling or lacking confidence when using a WordPress Blogsite technology, you can partner with WPBlogsites.com. We are confident you will gain a significant competitive advantage in the market.

You may have heard that many successful entrepreneurs are taking advantage of blogging technology to build their 6 figure businesses.

Easy to use online business tools are helping entrepreneurs just like you reach a global market, and attract their clients through the use of technology. All types of entrepreneurs, such as coaches, lawyers, finance experts and consultants are just a few of the different types of professionals implementing web technology in their businesses. The results: increased profits, improved efficiencies, more capacity and it is resulting in increased profits.

The Chief Geek behind WPBlogsites.com Sandra De Freitas, has been helping entrepreneurs and small businesses since 2005 to increase profitability, decrease the amount of hours they work, and establish their web presence. We’ve built a solid record of success and a large list of satisfied clients. Our approach, while simple, has proven to be a smashing success and it can work for you as well. We would love to execute our approach for you.

Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look around our blogsite for detailed information on how your business can become more profitable. A great place to start is by signing up for our COMPLIMENTARY newsletter, “Plugged In”. “Plugged In” will give you a good taste of what we’re passionate about and why it’ll work for you!

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