Customizing your WordPress sidebar

Widgets are sidebar and footer elements that you can add, remove, organize and customize. Some plugins include their own widgets in order to make it easier for you to display them in your sidebar and footer. You can use these widgets (and the pre-installed widgets) to customize the look and functionality of your sidebar and footer.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your WordPress account (
  2. Click “Appearance” in the top menu bar.
  3. Click “Widgets” in the sub-menu bar.
  4. On the right hand side, click the sidebar/footer you want to modify. This will expand your view to see the widgets that are already there.
    NOTE: the footer is what appears at the bottom of your site near your copyright information.
  5. From the left-hand side, choose the widget you want to add to this sidebar/footer and drag it to the widget area. You can “drop” it into any position you like, before or after any of the widgets that are there.
  6. To reposition the widget, just drag it to any position in your list of sidebar items.
  7. Click the dropdown arrow beside the widget name to view any required settings or options.
  8. Set the title that will appear above the widget and modify any other widget-specific settings.
  9. If you are viewing a “Text” widget, enter your text or html code into the empty box that appears. This is where you would add the code for your email subscription sign-up to a text widget.
  10. Click “Save.”
  11. View your website to see the changes you made. You can play around with these widgets as much as you like, until you get the look and functionality that you’re after. And you can always change them again later.
  12. To remove a widget from your list, click to expand the widget options and then click “Delete.”

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  1. What a great mini-lesson, Sandra.

    My sidebar had a widget that I never really liked and in just a couple of clicks, it’s gone! Plus, I added another widget that has some of the testimonials from my clients. Drag, drop, save and voila. Done.

    I really appreciate that your book is filled with so many great mini-lessons like this one. Thanks!


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