Get more done: Put Your Inbox on Pause

What would it be like to not get a single email in your inbox for a day? Would you get more done? Would you be able to focus instead of being at the whim of your inbox and those email notifications? Do your clients complain that they can’t get anything done? Do they “live” out of their inbox? Emails can rule our day and can derail our plans for productivity. You can though, put your inbox on pause with Inbox Pause. Inbox Pause will “hold” your emails until you click the “unpause” button”, then any emails that were sent to you during the “pause” will appear in your inbox.pause-logo

With a click of a button you can pause your inbox so you can focus on family over the weekend, so you can focus on completing that blog post, or so you can finally get through all your emails before new emails come in!

You may have heard that completing tasks in batches increases your efficiency. The same goes with receiving and replying to emails. With Inbox Pause, you can allow emails to come through at a set schedule such as first thing in the morning, lunch time and at the end of the day.

There is an option to send an email notification to those who email you during a “pause”, so that they are aware that their email didn’t make it to your inbox, yet.

Inbox Pause is available to Gmail users only at this time. To install it, visit and click “Download Inbox Pause”.

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