Automate with IFTT

iftttTake control of your social media, automatically back things up and let your phone action items based on your location with IFTT. IFTT, (If This, Then That), allows you to set a “Trigger” that then creates an “Action”, they call them “Recipes”. There are many Recipes ready for you to add that will take your productivity to a new level and take tasks off your plate too, like thinking! For example, if you get a new contact on your phone, save it to a Google Spreadsheet. Now you never have to worry about deleting your contact or if you did lose your phone, you would have your contacts in a safe place.

Things get more interesting when you can use it to automate your social media. One “Recipe” allows you to automatically post your Instagrams to Twitter. Another “Recipe” looks for changes to your Facebook profile picture, if it changes, then it will update your Twitter profile picture. Another “Recipe” will save all of your Instagram photos to DropBox.

A few other recipes control the sound on your phone. For instance, if your phone ringer is off and you can’t find your phone, another recipe will allow you to get a friend to text your phone with #volumeup which will then turn the volume up on your phone. Other Recipes are triggered by your location, such as “Mute my Android device when I get to the office & turn on vibrate”.

If you need a reminder each time you get home or you just want to send yourself a motivational message, the Recipe “When I get home, have my phone welcome me!”, will send you that message in a text.

IFTT is available for your laptop, iPhone or Android.

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