Want More Traffic, Newsletter Readers and Fans?

Of course you do! You have probably heard of a ton of ways to accomplish those 3 goals as well. There’s search engine optimization, pay per click ads, affiliate marketing, back links, and many more.  These options can get very expensive and tiring for you. Here’s one way to accomplish these goals that is so simple you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it or why you stopped doing it! That is, running complimentary teleclasses. See I told you it was simple.

Why offer a complimentary teleclass?

  • Promoting your teleclass on your newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc will attract potential clients who want to get to know you and the services or products you offer.
  • Your current fans will tell others about your teleclass and promote it on their social media sites, thereby expanding your reach and getting the word out about what you do.
  • Each time someone comes to your site to register for the teleclass, guess what? You’ve accomplished the “more traffic” goal.
  • You can set it up so that those who sign up for your teleclass, are automatically set up to your newsletter list. This accomplishes the “more newsletter readers” goal. And if you can get 100 people on each of your teleclasses and you run one a month, then you will add 1200 new newsletter readers in a year!
  • During your teleclass “wow” them with your knowledge and be generous. No one wants to attend a teleclass just to hear the same old thing and learn absolutely nothing, you’ll lose fans not gain them. Give them at least three “take aways” that they can use immediately. Now your “more fans” goal can be checked off too.
  • During your teleclass offer them a related product, course or service at a lower price, to reward them for coming to the call and to be generous.
  • After your teleclass, send your participants a recording of the call. I use AudioAcrobat.com to record my calls. If you made an offer on your teleclass promote it in the same email and be sure to send a link to register/purchase your offer.
  • Be even more generous by offering prizes! I did this for the first time last month and it was a hit. In my post-teleclass email I asked them a few questions about the teleclass itself, to see if they were paying attention, and I added two questions asking them what they learned and what they want to learn more about. I choose three winners and notified them by email. I don’t know who had more fun, those who participated in the game or me, watching all of the entries come through. 🙂

If you plan your teleclasses a head of time, and you run one once a month, you can imagine the success you can create! Yes, less people are coming to free teleclasses, but when word gets out that your teleclasses are filled with valuable content and prizes, how could anyone resist?

By the way, my next teleclass is Wednesday, December 15th: The 3 Tasks Every Blogsite Owner Needs to do Before 2011 I’d love to “see” you on the call.

I absolutely love this strategy because I get to teach, interact and enjoy an hour with a bunch of entrepreneurs. Do you like this strategy? Why or Why not? How has it worked for you? Comment below.

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  1. Sandra I loved this article and found it very helpful.. I would love to see you expand on it and teach us how to put a teleseminar together and how to promote it.

    Blessings Michele:)

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