A plugin that helps you run a contest and pump up your blogsite traffic!

Guess what I just found? Its a WordPress plugin that helps you create and promote a contest virally.

How? I’m trying to work out all of the details as they are promoting the plugin through a contest! Brilliant! They will soon be releasing the free/basic version of the plugin at which time I will be playing with it and will report back with more details.

So, here’s how it works from what I can tell so far. People come onto your site and fill in a form (name, email and twitter id). Then they are directed to a page that allows them to either tweet or update their facebook status with promotional content along with their personal link to your site, just by clicking a button.

You can reward contestants for:

  • Linking to your site
  • Sending Tweets on Twitter
  • Posting your links to FaceBook
  • Commenting on your blog
  • Signing up to your newsletter
  • Sending new visitors to your site

Each time they do any one of the above they get a “ticket”. So the more times they promote it the more “tickets” they get.

They also offer a page where contestants can view the contest leaders/standings! https://www.contestburner.com/contest-standings/

ContestBurner will even integrate with their upcoming affiliate marketing plugin so you can run an affiliate program and pay commissions on sales or leads sent to your WordPress blogsite!

You can take a look at it and join the contest to see how it works for yourself at: https://www.contestburner.com/c/techcoach

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