Close Sales On Your Mobile Device

square-logo-whiteMany coaches have implemented an online ecommerce system that allows them to accept payments online. What happens when they meet current and potential clients in person? Yes they can navigate to their site and have clients play there, but it is not always easy for the client to input their information on a small screen. This may leave the potential client frustrated and may result in a lost sale.

In comes a piece of technology that will make it easy for you to swipe your client’s credit card and secure the sale on the spot. You may also use it to accept cash, checks and gift cards. Once the sale is complete, a receipt can be sent to your client via email, text message or you may print a copy for them.

This technology was created by Square, after one of the founders lost a sale of one of his art pieces when he did not accept credit cards on the spot.

square-register-android-keypadIt is easy to get started with Square. Visit to create your free account. A free card reader which inserts into your smartphone or tablet will be shipped to you. Be sure to install the Square app on that device.

Square does not charge a monthly fee. You are simply charged 2.75% per swipe and your funds are deposited into your bank account the next business day.

Square is currently available in Canada, Japan and the United States. I encourage you to sign up for your free account and card reader now, so you have it ready to go for your next booth, live event or potential client meeting.


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