A New Way To Sell, Bill, Collect Donations and Sell Event Tickets Online.

WePay.com is the new kid on the block, allowing you to start accepting credit card and e-check payments in under a minute with no set up fees, monthly fees or contracts.

You can use WePay.com to bill your clients, sell physical products, collect donations for your charity and sell tickets to your events, at a very attractive low fees. They boast the lowest fees on the web!

Are you collecting money for your favorite charity? Set up your donations page, invite others to donate any amount they wish and display a list your of your donors.

Do you have a chapter meeting or your own live event coming up? Set up your event on WePay.com, promote it using their integrated social media buttons then instantly access the money you collected.

Instantly access the money you have made by withdrawing funds to your bank account, requesting a paper check, or ordering a WePay.com debit card.

WePay.com is gaining in popularity because of it takes less than a minute to get started, it’s easy to use, the fees are really low and their customer services is fabulous!

At this time WePay.com is only available in the United States, however they are working on making it available in many other countries.

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