How a Good Halloween Costume is like Good Marketing and Branding

Have you ever answered the door to a trick-or-treater and wondered what they were supposed to be dressed up as? So you hoped it was just because you don’t watch cartoons or play video games anymore and therefore how could you possibly know. But then you attend a costume party and find an adult wearing what seems to be a costume but you have no clue what they are supposed to be. So then you either pretend to know what they are or if you are like me, you ask. Sometimes when you are told the answer, you still don’t see how the costume fits the character or thing they are supposed to be dressed up as. That is bad marketing and branding.

Do not let your clients guess, pretend or wonder what your niche is, what your services are and what problems you solve. Start by looking at your e-mail signature. Does it include your web address, a clear statement about your niche, your services, your accomplishments, upcoming events or other ways of reaching you? Then move on to your website and your social media profiles and ask your self the same questions. Do not over do it but do not leave them guessing.

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