Fat Blogsite Profits with Sandra De Freitas

How To Eliminate the Online Business Overwhelm and Start Profiting By Learning What You Can (and Should) Be Doing With Your Website, What You Should NOT Be Doing, and How To Hire Someone To Do The Things You Should Not Be Doing, Without Getting Taken to The Cleaners.



I’ve been working with solopreneurs and small business owners for years, helping them develop their online businesses, and in particular, helping them leverage their blogsites for maximum visibility and profit.

I know what it feels like to put your heart and soul (and life savings) into your business, only to get frustrated because things aren’t working, or aren’t working as fast as you need them to.

I also know what can happen when you figure out what, and how much, you need to know,and how to find the right people – who actually know what they are doing – to fill the gaps,at a cost-effective rate.

Using the 8 Core Foundational Steps of learning and discerning, I’ve helped clients create soaring profits without soaring anxiety.

I hear the same concerns over and over again from business owners like you:

  • It seems so technical. How am I going to learn how to do all this myself?
  • I’ve hired other people to do the technical work before, but it turns out they exaggerated their experience and I ended up paying them to learn on the job.
  • I’ve outsourced the work I don’t know how to do, but didn’t know the right questions to ask or didn’t really understand what the work consisted of, so I couldn’t make the best hiring decisions.
  • I already have a blog, but what should I be writing about that will actually increase my revenue and not be me just chatting, or even worse, giving away all myexpertise for free?
  • The whole Google/SEO stuff is too confusing, and it changes all the time anyway.How do I know what matters and how to make sure I get high rankings without doing anything that ends up being “illegal” to Google?
  • I know having a community and a mailing list is important. People want to feel cared for. But how can I streamline the process without making it seem impersonal?
  • I’ve tried a bunch of “list building” or “traffic generating” strategies from the “gurus”, but they haven’t worked for me. What do I really need to be doing, and how can I be myself while doing it?

All too often the problem is that either you’ve been trying to do it all yourself, or you’ve wasted a lot of money and time with people and systems that weren’t all that helpful for your specific situation.

It’s one thing for someone to tell people what THEY did to become successful.

It’s a whole different thing to work with someone who helps you figure out what YOU need to do to be successful. And you just can’t get those kinds of answers and support when you’re in a huge group without direct, personal attention.

That’s where the Fat Blogsite Profits Program fills the gap. Believe it or not, you CAN COMPLETELY ELIMINATE feelings of “online business inadequacy”and move forward – quickly and significantly – with ONLINE CONFIDENCE.

How do I know? Because I’ve helped people do it over and over again for the past 6 years. I also bring 12+ years of experience in the technology industry, with the added bonus of being able to teach in “plain English”.

I know it can seem daunting right now. There are so many possibilities and so many places you could be focusing your attention.

That’s actually the problem. There’s TOO MUCH to choose from. And when you don’t know what each option really means, and especially don’t know what it means for your individual business and how you want to live your life, it’s no wonder people go into overwhelm, or worse, throw up their hands and give up.

For you, that’s all in the past. I promise.

I was feeling more and more a bogged down because I could hear myself saying it [what I needed to do] over and over again and yet weeks would go by and I would just seem to be going
in circles. 

From the very first a meeting with Sandra I had clear steps, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I have moved so forward, so fast in just a few short weeks. It’s just because of Sandra in her ability to just make it all seem so easy and so doable. It’s her patience and her ability to teach. I am a big fan.

Gail R. Nape, Emerging Results Coaching, www.emergingresults.com

You can have the SAME POWERFUL EXPERIENCE in the 4-week Fat Blogsite Profits Program.

Think of it as a sort of Gentle Intensive.

It’s Gentle in that I’ll help you with your individual business situation, even providing professional, expert virtual assistants to get you going. You’ll get personal, individual time with me, plus be a part of a small enough group that you’ll really have the chance to learn from what others are going through.

It’s Intensive in that we’ll be going through a fair amount of information in a short amount of time, but what you’ll learn is what you actually NEED TO KNOW to shorten your to do list,focus your time on what’s most important, hire the right support people who actually know what they are doing (and can speak plain English).


 Completely eliminate feelings of inadequacy and continually move forward with confidence online.

When you learn what you need to know, without all the unnecessary hype, fluff, and upsell, you’ll:

  • Avoid looking like a newbie on the web who has no idea what they are doing.
  • Keep your reputation in tact online and offline.
  • Get over your netophobia (fear or hate of the internet).
  • Have an easy way to ongoingly create and publish content on your blog. Content that both Google and your potential clients will be attracted to and will keep coming back for more!
  • Stop wasting time and leverage the content you already have that is hiding in secret places in your brain and on your computer!
  • Let your competition think that SEO is still the way to attract Google, while you give Google what it really wants!
  • Build a community of followers and fans!
  • Drive traffic to your site and get them to do what you want them to do.
  • Remove “scarcity” from your vocabulary and generate sexy hot profits. (No I’m not talking about Google AdSense here! Pa-lease!)
  • Identify on your own, where tweaks need to be made on your site so that your visitors come back often, stay around for awhile and do what you want them to!

You make everything that in the past seems so incredibly difficult to understand for us
non-techies…into fun, comprehensible and user-friendly. Your step by step approach
enabled me to totally grasp what you are teaching
–made even easier by being able to actually see your computer screen as you are instructing.

This course has lessened my fear of the unknown tech world and transformed me
to being web and tech savvy!
I’m ready to go out there and blog, write, sell, and create.

Thank you for helping me learn beyond my expectations.

Ellen S. Schuster, M.Ed., CPCC, https://www.focusbydesign.com

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So what will you learn in this 8-lesson, 4-week Program?

What’s really cool and different about this program?

The program includes:

  • Webinars
  • e-lessons
  • chat sessions
  • one-on-one sessions with Sandra
  • tools
  • resources
  • checklists
  • recordings of sessions (including recordings of your one-on-one sessions with me!)

and best of all you get 3 hours of help from my very own virtual assistants’ time to use as you wish. That alone is worth $225! (Plus the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with the best of the best who understand your business.)

AND you get a FREE TICKET to the “Fat Blogsite Profits Live” Virtual Workshop in August!
(This alone, is worth $999….It’s just crazy!).

I remember hanging up the phone from the very first class and saying to myself ‘wow, I just got my entire money’s worth already and it’s only been the first call!’ Way to go Sandra, you truly are THE Tech Coach! 

Tracy, www.YouRFabulous.com

Please note, The 4-week, 8-lesson Fat Blogsite Profits
Program is limited to just 24 participants.

Why 24?

Is it because I love the show 24? Well, I do, but that’s not why. 🙂

I’ve limited the size of this program to just 24 participants for 3 main reasons:

  1. I want to make sure you get everything you come for, which means tending to your individual needs and designing the program to work for you. The only way to do that is by limiting the size.
  2. I, personally, like working with small groups best. I get to know you better, can tailor the program on-the-fly to what will serve you best, and I know I can back my “If you’re not happy I’m super unhappy” guarantee.
  3. Remember the free ticket to the virtual workshop? This is a very hands-on workshop – experiential, hands-on learning at its best. The limitation on participants will allow us to keep it intimate, we can get work done and it allows me to give you the attention you need and deserve!

Unlike large, auditorium style workshops, at the Fat Blogsite Profits, you are welcome and encouraged (maybe even required ) to ask a ton of questions! That’s the way to make sure you get as much as you can out of the program and get the clarity and comfyness (is that a word?) you need in order to move forward confidently!

Remember, this is all about Online Confidence that Breeds Fat Profits for YOU.

I have come so far in such a short period of time and accomplished things that I thought only highly trained techno-gurus could tackle! Sandra’s complete knowledge of all things techie is amazing. She never failed to have an answer to a question or know where to find one. This program is a great investment because I can see it starting to make me money immediately! 

Beth Garrish, www.BethGarrish.com

Fat Blogsite Profits Webinar Training Outline

* You have the option of getting the mp3 recordings and webcast playback.

8 Core Foundational Steps

Get a Blogsite

Lesson 1: Get a Blogsite

  • Get a Blog! If you don’t already have one you will be given a play site to work with throughout the program. And by “play”, I mean roll up your sleeves and get your hands in the sandbox!
  • The basics of being a blog owner. What DO you need to know and do? And what can you let go of?.
  • Top plugins every site should have. (Talk about making your job easier! Whew!)
  • 1-3 on the spot blogsite critiques!
  • Open Q & A to cover anything you are uncertain about.

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Creating Valuable Content

Lesson 2: Creating Valuable Content

  • How Google has changed SEO and what this means for your content – so you don’t waste any more time and money on old information being repackaged as “new”.
  • How to easily research what your target market is dying to learn more about and how to give it to them. This one item, alone, can eliminate scads of items on your to do list!
  • Creating your Blogsite writing themes so that you never get stuck again.
  • 10 ways to easily generate content for your blogsites – perfect for just in case those blog-
    block gremlins think they can come to visit.
  • Create your list of 50+ future blog post topics!
  • How to use Sandra’s Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet for maximum results! You’ll
    see “under the hood” about how I get so much done and manage to keep it all straight.
  • How to easy create and use media within your posts to appeal to broad learning styles –
    absolutely CRITICAL if you want your Fat site to be super sticky!
  • Top plugins that help you with content creation. I think of these as the blogsites
    owners “lifesavers”.

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Leveraging Your Content

Lesson 3: Leveraging Your Content

  • Why work harder than you need to? Leverage baby! Learn the tricks of how to leverage, but also WHAT to leverage to get the biggest bang.
  • Easily create a brand new product with the content you already have.
  • How to re-purpose your content so that you can take it easy and give your brain a break! (Tell me about it!)
  • How add e-commerce to your site and start selling – without having to be a techno-
    wizard. Really. It’s not that hard if you know what to do and what not to do.
  • Top plugins to help you leverage your content, create products and sell them on your

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Lesson 4: Attracting Google and What you Need to Know About SEO

  • Google yourself and like what you see!
  • What to focus on when it comes to search engine optimization and where your energy is better spent. You need to know the truth about SEO TODAY, not what worked 6 months ago.
  • Measuring your SEO rankings and what it all means! Numbers matter, but what they mean matters more.
  • How to keep on top of the game of SEO improvement.
  • How to use Sandra’s SEO Spreadsheet to keep on top of your SEO. (This is my “secret sauce” in my Fat Blogsite Profits recipe. I don’t share it with just anyone.)
  • Top plugins for SEO – which ones work for which situations, and which are just a waste of your precious time.

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Building and Attracting

Lesson 5: Building and Attracting Community

  • Community will turn into real money. But you have to build and attract it THE RIGHT WAY for maximum results.
  • How to make your blogsite community-friendly – simple, yet powerful, tweaks that make a dramatic difference in your results, and in your community’s happiness.
  • Keeping your community happy, loved and feeling special.
  • Opening the lines of communication with your visitors – how to do with personal impact,
    without wearing yourself out.
  • How to design and create your own membership site! (This is a doozy!)
  • Top plugins for making your site a community and community-friendly.

Ready to enroll? Click here.

Driving and Directing Traffic

Lesson 6: Driving and Directing Traffic

  • Attract traffic to your site and get them to do what you want them to do! That’s what it’s all about, right?
  • Strategies to get your target market onto your site. It’s not a “build it and they will come” type of world. It’s more of a “Build It and Strategically Entice Them There, and They Will Come” world.
  • The one main piece of driving traffic you could be missing that is causing you low visits on your site. You cannot afford to not know this.
  • Key ways to utilize social media to attract targeted traffic. Having Aunt Sally as a
    follower is great, but is she really going to generate an influx of cash?
  • Top plugins for driving and directing traffic. Knowing these will GREATLY REDUCE
    your time and effort (plus shorten your to do list)!

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Lesson 7: Monetize! It’s why you are in business!

  • Do your visitors know where to insert their credit card? Let’s make it obvious! And let’s do it in a way that works for your particular market – something compelling, not tacky.
  • The site basics you need to monetize your site. ‘nuf said?
  • Your marketing strategy to introduce and continue to promote your products and services, creating a hailstorm of purchases!
  • How to give your visitors exactly what they want – and what they are excited to pay good money for.
  • Top plugins for monetizing your site (no Google Adsense talk btw!)

Ready to enroll? Click here.

Measure, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

Lesson 8: Measure, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat.

  • Why statistics are your best friend, even if you hated math class! You’ll learn it in a way that makes it simple and obvious to you.
  • How to measure how you are doing online, repeat what works, tweak what isn’t working, and spot the difference!
  • Which stats are important and where to find them!
  • How to use Sandra’s Statistics Spreadsheet to measure your growth! (Another ingredient in my “secret sauce”.)
  • Top plugins for statistics. (Many of my clients tell me these are a godsend.)

Ready to enroll? Click here.

Here’s what I can tell you. With this program, you will fall in love with the online world and marketing your business. When you do…life will be easier, clients will magically appear and your wallet will swell up. Not too shabby!

I can promise you…

If you do the work, ask questions and put into place what I will teach you, I swear on my MacBook, iPad and Blackberry that you will leave this program with the following results…

  • A list of 50+ topics for future blog posts. Never suffer from writer’s block again!
  • Organize your editorial calendar for the next year!
  • A bigger mailing list – yep! By at least 3 dozen people before the end of the program, and on your way to a lot more!
  • A bigger social media following – oh yeah! By 50 people before the end of the program…even if you haven’t even got a twitter or facebook account at all!
  • Be up to date and ahead on new enabling technologies.
  • Create a brand new product and put it up for sale on your site!
  • You’ll know what you need to know, and how to tell if your virtual assistant knows it, too.

And, as they say….THAT’S NOT ALL!

Time For Some Bonuses!

  • A PRINTED copy of my book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” mailed right to your doorstep!
  • During the 4 weeks you will have access to my virtual assistants who can install plugins for you, format your posts, create graphics for you, help you with ecommerce and more. You will have 3 hours of VA time to use up before the program ends. (A $150 value)
  • Laser one-on-one coaching sessions with Sandra De Freitas. Get your questions answered and feel empowered with just a quickie laser call. Three 15 minute laser calls will be available to you during the program. (A $150 value)
  • One FREE ticket to the Fat Blogsite Profits Live Virtual Workshop. A real intimate event with real results! This is a workshop for those who want to be in an in-person setting with like-minded colleagues, to get things done and leave with a shorter “to do” list then they walked in with! Again this is just a bonus. Your attendance is optional! (But I know you’ll want to come.)
    I feel like a little kid that is learning how to play with new toys… it opened up a world for me in terms of how business is done right now and if you don’t know those tools it is very difficult to get started. So thank you so much for your help. 

    Also another thing that has been so invaluable are the laser calls. There were so many little problems and difficulties I had in using the internet or this and that. And always you were so grateful and helpful in correcting whatever I was stuck with.

    Aline Munsch

    Want the Twitterized (Short Summary) Version of the 4-Week Schedule?

  • Twelve full hours of webinar training with Sandra (Wednesday’s and Fridays beginning June 1st). Use your computer, your phone or Skype to listen in or watch! Wednesday’s 3:30-5:00pm and Friday’s 11:00am-12:30pm Eastern, June 1st – June 24.

    All webinars are recorded with audio and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Two online chats in the chat room each week to ask your questions, listen in or get feedback, led by Sandra, every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesdays 10:00am-10:30am and Fridays 3pm-3:30pm Eastern, June 3rd – June 28th (no chat on Friday, June 24th).Can’t attend every chat? No worries, the chat will be saved and put in your exclusive members area.
  • E-Lessons emailed to you each week before the webinar so that you can get a head start and even try out what you learn before the webinar. This way you’ll have an even better grip on what you know and what you still have questions about.
  • Three laser one-on-one coaching calls with Sandra. We’ll schedule these to occur at the beginning of the program, in the middle and the week before the program ends. That way you get the maximum benefit. Plus, I can record these sessions and send you the recording if you want!


Feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have or schedule a 15 minute discovery call with Sandra to ask questions and get clarity: Book your discovery call here. We’re always happy to talk to you.

I need to know this program is going to work for you. That’s why I’m offering my “If You’re Not Happy, I’m Super Unhappy” Guarantee!

If you are not 100% thrilled with this interactive webinar training – I want to send your money back. Because really, if you’re not happy, then I am super unhappy. And I don’t like being super unhappy.

So, if for any reason, after you participate fully in the training, it doesn’t meet your expectations, just e-mail me to cancel within 30 days. That’s my promise.

    Pay in Full

    3 Payment Option

    Live Access to the weekly webinars

    MP3 Recordings of all webinars to catch up, review or listen to over and over again for fun!

    Online Support Chat

    Weekly E-Lessons delivered to your inbox each week

    Tools, Checklists and Resources

    A List WordPress Plugins so you don’t have to research and study them yourself

    BONUS #1:
    A PRINTED copy of my book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” The 2nd edition. So you can get started and keep near you as a guide.

    BONUS #2:
    3 Virtual Assistant hours from my cracker-jack team!

    BONUS #3:
    Laser One-on-One Coaching with Sandra De Freitas (recorded, so you don’t have to worry about wha tyou might forget once the session is over)

    BONUS #4:
    1 ticket to the Virtual Workshop (attendance is optional)

    Regular Price:



    May 18 – June 1st


    2 payments of $430

    (2nd payment will be billed 30 days after the initial payment)

    June 1st



    Write: sandra @ wpblogsites.com

    Twitter: @TechCoach

    Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with Sandra to ask questions and get clarity: Book your discovery call here.

    Remember my “If You’re Not Happy I’m Super Unhappy” 100% Money Back Guarantee

    I need to know this program is going to work for you. So if you’re not 100% thrilled with this interactive webinar training – I want to send your money back. If you’re not happy, then I’m super unhappy.

    So if for any reason, you feel the training doesn’t meet your expectations, just e-mail me to cancel within 30 days of our kick-off call. That’s my promise.

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