“17 Hats” the all in one system you have been dreaming of!

We here at WordPress Blogsites are checking out this soon to be launched online service that takes clients from a lead on your site, to filling out any questionnaires and them asking you clarifying questions, scheduling a call, to the client choosing a package/quote, signing a contract online and paying for it online. It appears that once they choose the quote the rest is automated. Whew whoo!


17Hats is your all-in-one CRM system including time tracking, bookkeeping, quotes, forms, calendar, invoicing, contracts, email and more. I think this system will not only save you time and money but it will keep you on track to follow up with your leads and generate more sales.

Plans start at $19/month, which is a lot less than what we pay for our current online contract system and invoicing systems.

They are launching real soon, however if you enter your name to be notified of when they launch you will get a 10% discount as well.

Learn more and sign up to be notified here: https://launch.17hats.com/KJY4Pt

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Sandra! What a great tool for those of us who provide custom proposals.

    And congrats on launching this new website. It’s FABULOUS.

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