Get or Give “On Demand” Business Advice

Clarity - Flat Icon_Logo - offers an interesting way to get or give personal business advice over the phone. To get advice you simply visit and search the directory for your topic of interest. With over 4000 categories from broad (sales, marketing, coaching, etc) to specific (International Negotiations, Myofascial Release, IT Law) you will find experts available to help. Once you have found an expert you like, request a call with them, wait for confirmation and then speak with them. Once the call is over you are charged the expert’s per-minute rate. You can invite up to 8 people from your team and after the call you can rate your expert.

You can also get paid by giving advice as an expert. First you must apply by allowing access to your LinkedIn profile, so be sure it is up to date. Once you are approved you will set your per-minute rate. Clarity keeps 15% of your fees collected from your expert calls and pays the rest to you via PayPal every 15 days. You are also given your own url to share with your own community for others to book time with you. This removes your need to set up your own calendar and payment systems. Being part of the Clarity community of experts allow you to gain more income, get known in a community who may not know you yet and contribute to a fellow entrepreneur. It’s a simple way to broaden your reach as an expert.

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