Headache-Free Invoicing on a Cloud

FreshBooks_logoThe last thing you want to do as a business owner is to chase down clients for their payments and having that oh so awkward conversation! In comes FreshBooks and their “Late Payment Reminders” which emails clients to remind them to pay. Take it a step further, and set up your “Late Payment Fees” settings. You can for example, set up a 3% late fee on any invoices which are 10 days late. FreshBooks reminds them a few days beforehand via email that a late fee will be applied if they don’t pay on time. If they still do not pay, you can add another late fee and have FreshBooks send another reminder email!Freshbooks will gather your payments by integrating with popular payment systems like PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout and 2 Checkout, making it really easy for your clients to pay.

Do you have clients who pay you on a recurring schedule? No problem! Just set up the invoice once and tell FreshBook show often the invoice recurs and it will automatically email that invoice to your client each and every month!FreshBooks

Invoicing and collecting payments is an issue many coaches deal with frequently, you will also enjoy their other major services such as expense tracking, time tracking and your accountant will enjoy the easy exporting feature at tax time.

Take a look at www.FreshBooks.com and you won’t be disappointed. Your accountant might just hug you!


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