Protect and Backup Your Files

Are the files on your computer backed up? If your computer crashes or your laptop gets stolen do you have access to your client files, project files, articles and financial records? Protect and backup your files with Carbonite. It’s safe, affordable and it continually backs up new and modified documents, business files and more to your online account. You can then access your files from any device with online access.

If you are switching to a new laptop you could back up your old laptop with Carbonite, and use it as an archiving system. Again, you can access those files from your online Carbonite account. You can also download all of those files from your online Carbonite account to your new laptop.

Do you work with a team? Your team can also log into your online Carbonite account and gain access to project files.

If you are already backing up your computer make sure it is indeed backing up. Log into your system and ensure that there are backups as recent as today!

Carbonite offers “Personal Plans” for as low as $59.99 for a year of unlimited storage space. This means there is no limit to the number of files or the size of the files you are backing up from your laptop (Windows or Mac). Support is available 7 days a week.

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