Rhino Support Makes it Easy to Support Your Clients

RhinoSupportAre you launching a new product, course or live event soon? Do you have all your ducks in a row? Are you ready for the customer service questions that will inevitably come your way? When launching a new product or service the biggest mistake I have seen people make is not paying attention to how customer service requests will be managed. When you do not manage a request properly you can lose out on potential sales, you damage your reputation and you leave customers unhappy. You worked so hard on preparing for your launch and you don’t want to lose out when you could have managed your customer service requests easily.

The best programs I have seen to manage customer service requests include online ticketing systems with a “live chat” support component. The online ticketing system allows you and your team to track all requests and filter through them easily. This way a ticket does not get lost in the shuffle. A “live chat” support component is important to chat with customers in real time and solve their issue in the moment. This is a great way to close a sale quickly while impressing your customers by how quickly you took care of them. A searchable “knowledge base” is also ideal in a customer service system as your customers can search for their own answers and help themselves.

All of the above and more features can be found in “Rhino Support”. This system was built with the solo entrepreneur in mind and offers brandable solutions, as well as an easy to install WordPress plugin so you can add Rhino Support to your blogsite. Find out more and view their tour at www.rhinosupport.com

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