Automate Your Appointment Booking

Is your appointment booking a big mess?

As a coach, it is quite possible that a good chunk of your emails are requests for coaching and meetings. It’s time to automate this process to keep you out of your inbox and more productive.

Timetrade Logo Higher ResYour clients are located around the world and both you and your clients have to factor in time zones to line up appointments.

Instead of analyzing your calendar to find the days and times you are available, then converting the time into their time zone, emailing it to the client, then they have to take the time to analyze their calendar and get back to you. What an email mess!

Unfortunately I’m sure there have been times when the client replies with an appointment time that works for them, but by that time another client has claimed that appointment time, so you have to start all over again! Has this happened to you? It’s kind of embarrassing!

So in comes our superhero! Just create an account with TimeTrade, set up an appointment type, the days and times you will accept appointments, then send your clients the link to your TimeTrade calendar for that specific appointment type.

You can sync Google or Outlook calendar to your account and TimeTrade will add any new appointments to your calendar and if your calendar states you are “busy” during any of the times you claimed you were available for appointments it doesn’t allow clients to book appointments at that time, preventing overbooking!

Once an appointment is made an email is sent to you and your client confirming the appointment.

Send your clients a link to your TimeTrade account and decrease the number of emails swelling up your inbox.

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  1. I, too, have used TimeTrade for years and it’s been enormously helpful as well as inexpensive. However, several months ago they stopped sending reminder emails the day before appointments and I’ve had clients missing appointments because of it. And TT seems to have no plans to resume the reminders.

    So I just switched to which does a great job of handling time zone issues as well as flexibility for sending up to 3 reminders. It’s more expensive, but worth it to me. I wanted to share this in case it’s useful for others to know this.

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