Are you Tweetable?

Make it super easy for others to promote your business with a simple tweet that requires no thought on their part. In fact, people are always looking for new things to tweet, by making it easy for them to find tweetable content you will both benefit. allows you to create tweetable links to publish on your emails, blog posts or blogsite, for others to share. Simply create your free account by logging onto with your Twitter account, enter the message you would like to be tweeted, click the “generate link” button and then copy that link and paste it. Visitors click on the link you created and your message will be automatically inserted into a twitter status box. All they have to do is click “Tweet”.

Tweet this: ClickToTweet: create tweetable links. Publish in emails, blog posts or blogsite, 4 others 2 share

The most popular way this is used is within blog posts. Create tweets that quote a part(s) of your blog post including a link back to your blog post. Place this link under the part you just quoted and explicitly ask people to click this link to tweet it.

You can also add a ClickToTweet link on your “thank you” pages. For example, someone signs up for your complimentary webinar and is redirected to a confirmation or “thank you” page. On this page confirm that they have successfully registered and ask them to take a moment to let others on Twitter know about your webinar by clicking on the link.

ClickToTweet’s analytics let you know the number of clicks, the number of unique clicks and also demographics of where in the world people are clicking on your links.

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