Facebook Ads: Why you can’t direct people to LeadPages

If you are creating Facebook Ads and you can’t figure out why they keep disapproving your ad, it’s probably because you have set the “destination page” to a page on LeadPages.net. You see, all “destination pages” must not lead to pages that have been flagged by the “Web of Trust”:

Ads may not lead to destination pages that have been flagged as having a bad reputation by Web of Trust. Web of Trust is a 3rd party website review service and has no affiliation with Facebook. To find out more about your rating and how to influence your site’s reputation, please visit: https://www.mywot.com/.
source: https://www.facebook.com/help/196334053757640

Unfortunately, LeadPages.net, where all LeadPages’ users have their accounts, has been flagged by Web of Trust. https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/leadpages.net

LeadPages WOT

On February 6th 2015, Clay Collins, co-founder of LeadPages.net, has submitted a request for reconsideration. So far, no resolution has been put into place.

Rumour has it that those who were pointing Ads to LeadPages.net have had their Facebook accounts disabled and deleted by Facebook. I have heard of one specific person this has happened to.

How to get your Facebook Ads approved:

If you want to continue to use your LeadPages account, then install the LeadPages plugin to your WordPress site and set your “Destination Page” on your Facebook Ad to your new page on your own WordPress site.

Best of luck with your Facebook Ads and your campaigns.



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  1. I’m a Co-founder here at LeadPages and I want to address this issue head on.

    First, we’re using LeadPages.net URLs in many of our own FB ads and not having ANY problems (occasionally we might use a link shorterner for tracking reasons when using a third party ad platform). We’re spending $100,000+ per month on ads and not having any problems. So I’m not certain that FB is being affected by this. We certainly are not.

    Second, I am communicating with WOT right now and getting this resolved. There seems to be a misunderstanding on their end. But I am confident that we’ll get this resolved ASAP. This is my #1 priority right now.

    Third, if this is potentially an issue, it is 100% resolved by using our WP plugin or our page export feature to publish the page to your own domain. Our company, of course, cannot do this given that “our own” domainisLeadPages.net

    . . . but again, we’re not seeing any of this or being negatively affected.

    I think it’s important to point out that LeadPages has the same or better WOT rating as the following companies:


    Ryan Deiss: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/digitalmarketer.com

    Stealth Seminar:

    Perfect Audience:

    And an internal look at as aggregate LeadPages account traffic sources show that a lot of our customers continue to buy click from our domain without penalty. And if they do, they’re running the same risk as InfusionSoft, Ryan Deiss, Stealth Seminar, and Perfect Audience.

    I’m not saying that I’m right or that anyone is wrong. I of course if you’re at all worried about this the issue is 100% resolved by using our WP plugin or our page export feature to publish the page to your own domain. Of course, cannot do this given that “our own” domain is LeadPages.net and our campaigns are going just fine . . . but again, we’re not seeing any of this or being negatively affected.

    If you have any followup questions please fee free to ask them right here.

    Warm regards, Clay Collins

    P.S. Below is the message that I sent to WOT.

    Dear WOT Community,

    My name is Clay Collins. As a co-founder of LeadPages.net

    , I am respectfully submitting this re-consideration request. LeadPages is a lead generation and conversion rate optimization platform.

    Over 30,000 businesses use our platform to build landing pages, opt-in forms, and other lead generation tools. We allow our customers to host their landing pages on our platform, and in that manner we are a hosting company.

    We would like to be on your 2tld list.

    We have thousands of customers each with their own subdomain (i.e.customer.LeadPages.net

    ) so we want to ensure that a very small number of spammy subdomains won’t affect the top level domain (LeadPages.net

    ) or other subdomains’ ratings (i.e. honestcompany.leadpages.net


    We are completely fine with you penalizing a spammy subdomain (i.e.StupidSpammer.LeadPages.net

    ) and letting us know so we can shut these accounts down. In fact, we WANT WOT ratings on our sub-domains so we can get visibility on who the offenders are; we want to shut them down. BUT we would greatly appreciate if you wouldn’t have those penalties/ratings affect our other customers and our top level domain (LeadPages.net


    In the same manner that WordPress.com

    and BlogSpot.com

    have excellent ratings but SomeSpammer.WordPress.com

    WOULD have a bad rating . . . we would also request that ratings of our sub-domains not affect the root domain or other customers’ sub-domains. In closing, we are requesting three things . . .

    First, as a hosting company, we request that penalties be applied at the sub-domain level so that bad ratings for spammer.LeadPages.net

    doesn’t affect HonestCustomer.LeadPages.net

    Second, we are asking for the same consideration as WordPress.com


    (i.e. to be on your 2tld list) so that abusers of our hosting service do not affect our own domain. That is, in the same manner thatspammer.WordPress.com

    doesn’t bring down WordPress.com

    or other subdomains, we’d also ask that spammer.LeadPages.net

    not affect our top level domain or other honest sub-domains.

    Third, we are requesting that the WOT community work with us by reporting abuses to abuse@ave81.com so we can shut down offenders.

    Warm regards,
    Clay Collins CEO and Co-Founder of LeadPages.net

  2. I have had 3 of my facebook accounts disabled due to “user trust” I think I believe now I know why this is the case


    sorry clay I love leadpages but not when it causes facebook to close my account of 6 years!!!

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