How to Avoid Being Sleazy and Make the Mistakes Desperate Entrepreneurs Make on Social Networking Sites

If you have been turned off by someone on Twitter, Facebook etc chances are they were either sleazy or their desperation rubbed you the wrong way. But how do you avoid being and acting the same way? Here are a few tips for you.

Salesy – Avoid being salesy by creating a mix of content using the V.C.E.P.P.F. model (Value, Community, Engagement, Promotion, Personality, Fun)

Arrogant – Don’t just talk about yourself. Tweet/talk about others and promote their  content and/or business.

Sandwich – Tweet valuable information.”I am eating a sandwich” only tells your followers that you are typing with your mouth full!

Talking to Yourself – Engage and communicate with others. Have a conversation and therefor avoid looking like you are only talking to yourself.

UnPromotions – When you promote your business, remember to add the URL! You wouldn’t believe how many promotional tweets/status updates that leave out the URL. Don’t make your potential clients/consumers search for whatever you are promoting. Don’t make them do the work.

Annoying my Facebook – Be kind to your Facebook Fans & Friends Inboxes, don’t fill them with invitations, suggestions etc. It’s not effective.

“Allow myself to introduce myself” – Avoid auto DMs. These are the direct messages you get in your Twitter inbox from someone you just begun following. If I am following you on Twitter, I have already checked our your profile and your website. To send me an email asking me to repeat that process is redundant.

Do you have any others you want to add to the list? Add it below.

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