Top Tech Things To Do Before 2015 – Part 1

[There are affiliate links in this post. I only refer online services and tools, that I use myself. The affiliate commissions I receive help me pay for my dog’s raw food diet. 🙂 ]

It’s December and that means you are either slowing down or you are planning for a new year! There are many business planning days out there, like Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever. I highly recommend both of them to help you analyze the current year and prepare and plan for a new year of programs, launches and time off in the new year.

There are a number of techie things I do each year to prepare for the new year. I thought I would share these with you so you can prepare for 2015 from a tech perspective.

  1. Check your domain names! Log into your domain name management system (this could also be your hosting account) and find out when your domains are going to expire. In your calendar add an appointment or task that says “domain expires” and set the due date or appointment date to a week before it expires. This will remind you to renew the domain name before it expires. Believe me you don’t want it to expire! Because if it does your site will be down, you won’t receive emails associated with that domain name and someone else can buy the domain name before you renew it!
    If your domain names are set to “auto-renew”, meaning the company you bought the domain name from will renew it for you on the date of expiry and automatically bill you, then just be sure your credit card information on the account is up to date.
    In either case, be sure the primary email address on your domain and hosting accounts is still valid and you have access to it.
  2. Back it up! Your computer that is. If you are like me you have a lot on your computer and the thought of losing it all gives you a full body rash. I protect and backup my files with Carbonite. It’s safe, affordable and it continually backs up new and modified documents, business files and more to my online account. I can then access my files from any device with online access. Are you backing up your computer? If not, I suggest Carbonite. I have been using it for 3 years now and they have not let me down.
    If you are already backing up your computer make sure it is indeed backing up. Log into your system and ensure that there are backups as recent as today!
  3. Update the copyright year on your website. Updating the year on your copyright notice on the footer of your website tells visitors that your content is up to date and that you are still in business. It tells visitors that they can trust you and they can trust that your content and your interest in your business is still fresh.
  4. Freshen up your inbox. When I tell people that my inbox never contains no more than 10 emails in it, people ask me if it’s some sort of magic trick. They tell me that they have 1000’s of emails in their inbox and couldn’t imagine having a slim inbox. Well it’s time to realistically look at those emails in your inbox. Archive or delete the emails you know you are never going to read, respond to or delegate. You know that teleseminar you were invited to speak at, 8 months ago, time to let go of that email or reply right away with a “sorry I missed it” type of reply, then remove it from your inbox by deleting it or archiving it.
    Create folders and sort your emails into those folders. Some folders you can consider are “Read later”, “Reference”, “Money”, “Content Ideas”, “Receipts”, etc. Move emails from your inbox into these folders.
    Once you clean out your inbox you will feel 10 pounds lighter and you will feel less overwhelm each time you look at your inbox, this will make you more productive and energetic. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it!
  5. Detox your blog posts. You may have blog posts that refer to programs or promotions that took place this year but that are no longer available ie. they have expired. Search your blog posts for key terms like “2014”, “expires”, “limited time”, etc and edit those posts to say something like “Oops! It’s too late. This offer has expired.” If you don’t do this you will have people signing up for old webinars/teleseminars, people asking why the coupon code isn’t working, etc and that will create a list of customer service tickets and frustrated visitors. Doing this will also show visitors that you are keeping your site, and your business, up to date. It also shows you care about your visitors.

Do you need help with your tech as you prepare for 2015? Book a call with us to see how we can help you!

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