Top Tech Things To Do Before 2015 – Part 2

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If you read “Top Tech Things To Do Before 2015 – Part 1″ then you are ready for Part 2.

  1. Mercury in Retrograde – Whether you believe in astrology or not, this is something you will not want to ignore. I don’t make it a habit to keep to up with astrology, but when mercury is in retrograde technology goes wacka-doodle! This year I paid close attention to it, as my client and dear friend Lissa Boles, CEO of, pointed out to me many incidences where our colleagues and many giant online services suffered from massive tech issues brought on by mercury when in retrograde. Sites were down for days for no apparent reason. Online launches failed as payment gateways and other tech services used by the company failed. One incidence I witnessed made me cringe and I said it out loud “Don’t plan a live event during mercury in retrograde!” What happened was the power went off in the ballroom of the hotel where a big live event was taking place. The power caused the LiveStream of the event to go down, obviously, with no way to communicate with the online audience members why. When the power came back on, the audio and video kept cutting out. What happened? Well, I don’t know myself, as I gave up and didn’t attend the rest of the event. Did I mentioned this all happened in the first hour of the three day event?
    So whether you believe it or not, do yourself a favour and mark these dates in your calendar and then be sure not to launch any new products, services, live events etc during these times. Also sign up for Lissa’s newsletter so you can get your hands on her “Mercury Rx” guide when it comes out in early 2015!
    January 21 – February 11
    May 18 – June 11
    September 17 – October 9
  2. Review your tech. Do you really need it all? Now is a good time to take inventory of all the expenses in your business. Do you really need two email marketing systems, or can you merge them into one? Did you buy new tech services when they were promoted to you as a “great deal” you couldn’t pass up? Do you truly need it or can you cancel it and remove a monthly charge from your credit card?  It’s time to pull out your credit card bills from the last year or even the last few months, review expenses that you just don’t need anymore and cancel them.
    Perhaps you need a more robust system to accept payments, manage your email & social marketing or a new site entirely. Make note of what you need and consult with your favourite techie.
  3. Update your site. Go through each one of your site’s pages and add any new items that you may have forgotten about. Last September we overhauled this site and that’s when I realized I had not updated my speaking and emceeing page in 2 years, ack! Don’t let that happen to you! Update your “speaking” page with your latest speaking gigs. Update your “testimonials” page with new testimonials.
  4. Brainstorm blog topics and themes for 2015. Keeping up with blogging is not easy. But if you begin brainstorming topics now you will have a list to choose from when you begin to write your blog posts in the new year. You can either save your ideas as draft blog posts right in WordPress or you can brainstorm your list on a word document or in a physical journal. Here are some questions to get your brainstorming session on the right foot:
    What top 5 things do you want your target market to know about?
    What one important thing does your target market need to do each month of the year?
    What does your target market need to know or do on a weekly basis? Turn this into a weekly theme, ie. Money Mondays, Freedom Fridays, etc.
  5. Update your WP and plugins and backup your site! Is your WordPress site up to date from a technical perspective? Are you running the latest version of WordPress? Are all of your plugins up to date? Do you backup your site on a regular (at least weekly) basis? If not, we have the service for you. Check out our “Security and Peace of Mind” packages, created with online entrepreneurs in mind. You have better things to do than worry about this or worry about your site being hacked or lose your site’s content! Let us take care of your site and your online reputation. Launch prices are currently available.

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