When asking what is “the best…” is actually the worst!

I am about to go on a rant here…

I am continuously reading posts on Facebook asking people what the best ___ is, such as “What is the best shopping cart?”, “What is the best payment gateway system?”, “What is the best email marketing solution?”, “What is the best WordPress Theme?” and on and on.

Why does this make me cringe?

Let’s say I asked this question: “I’m going to buy a new hockey jersey. Which hockey team is the best?” Any guesses on what the answers would be? I would assert that I’d get a variety of answers because everyone’s home team or child’s hockey team, is “the best”. If you asked this question in downtown Toronto, you would undoubtedly get bombarded with the answer “The Toronto Maple Leafs of course! They are the best”. Leaf fans are die hard. They are ridiculously loyal. They do think their team is THE BEST, even though the team has not won a Stanley Cup in 39 years….oops typo, 49 years! Do you see my point?

The Problem

When you ask for “the best”, people will happily answer you because you gave them permission to give their opinion. Who doesn’t want to give their opinion? But their opinion on what is “the best” is based on what is working for them. “The best” works for their business, their budget, their needs, their wants and their end goals.

When this approach is taken people become overwhelmed with options, they spend time and money on systems they may never use and they end up where they started, asking questions and scratching their heads (they are just out money and are drained of energy by this point).

The Solution

Before you go to Facebook, your mastermind or any other place you ask questions, get clear and make a list about what you need, want, would love to have and your future needs.

So let’s say you are looking for a membership platform, get clear and make a list about what you need, what your members need, what payment systems & email marketing systems you currently have and will need to integrate with. Then make a list of what you want. These are things you can live without out if it came down to it. Then make a list of what features, integrations etc you would love to have, but are not a necessity, they are more “cosmetic”. Lastly make a list of what you want in the future as your needs, your members’ needs and your membership develops and grows.

Take this list and now go ask the question with your needs listed first. Let them know that you need these items! Then state that the rest of your list is a “wish list”. By pointing out and listing your “needs” you will avoid the overwhelm of answers that won’t work for you. So this may look like:

“I’m looking for a membership platform plugin that integrates with Aweber and Stripe, and will work on my WordPress site. I’d love to have a forum plugin that integrates with it or is built in, but I can live without this feature. I would also love if it offered statistics about my membership site such as new members vs repeating members each month. If you have any suggestions that fit my list, please let me know what you suggest.”

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