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Mary Palmer Dargan

Dear Anne and Mimi,
It has been a pleasure working together on The Garden Talk Salon at Dovecote all summer! Our last lecture was this Thursday and it was another success, PLUS the local paper finally covered it! I could not have done all of this without your expert help. I would write you each a thank you note, but do not know your addresses.



Hello teammates,
I want to express my appreciation for your services and personal responses to my project to get my website updated and inviting and functional. I love the outcome and I have learned a lot from working with you. Special thanks to Sue for the Home page re-design and photo gallery– think they came out beautifully. The pdf-gift that Jewel created has already received great reviews from my fans. And Kim, I love your assistance with pulling it all together and showing me how to do individual invoices with SquareUp as it is more personal for my BIZ needs…

Sandra and Ericka, thanks for making time to hear my feedback, and I hope I can move forward knowing we can continue to collaborate in the future.



Your company is wonderful and I feel so blessed to have found you. My site is more than I expected and all that I could dream of, when it is completed it will compete with all the professional ones I enjoy.



I wanted to personally thank you for taking such great care of me for FB Profit Lab. I know nothing about Wishlist, so it was so nice to work with a team that knew the ins and outs. I also loved how organized everyone was and the open lines of communication.Thank you for everything!



Hi Sandra,Just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with the work that has been done for me so far. The service has been fast, efficient and the communication excellent. My thanks to all who have been involved so far. First impressions of your business are great – looking forward to working together more.”



I really enjoy working with Sandra and her team and will continue to do so in the future. Sandra and I have been working together for the past 5yrs and she has really taken the time to understand my business and my needs. She and her team are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond anyones expectations. The team remembers what is requested and if there is something they are not familiar with, I find that they work really hard at trying to figure it out and making it work. What I love most about the team is that they are patient, skilled, they listen and are fast in responding and making any changes necessary. I also enjoy working with WPBlogsites.com because they are super friendly and hardworking.”



The retail world has changed, globally and in Sydney. Consumers are getting more Internet savvy, and with a strong Australian dollar, consumers were shopping online. It was sink or swim for me as I could not keep relying on ‘sale, sale, sale’ signs. The
consumer wanted more. My business coach suggested social media and video blogging, but where to start? Although I read up on all the tactics, and knew what to do, I did not have the time to do it. I was overwhelmed, and if you ask my wife, I felt like packing it all in. After speaking to several Internet companies in Sydney I discovered that we are very behind with technology, and only just beginning to understand social media. Then I came across Sandra and her team at WPBlogsites: I could hug her to death for all the great stuff we have done over the last 18 months! Initially I thought that having an IT support team in Canada and the US would be a nightmare, but with Skype and email we are constantly in contact. Sandra put all my fears to rest. To start we talked for hours about how to tackle my issues and she just took control. This is what I needed. I pay my accountant to be my accountant and my solicitor to be my solicitor. I needed Sandra and her team if I was to survive this retail downturn. We created twitter, blogging, video blogging, Facebook fan page, pinterest and foursquare and as it is all automated and looked after by her team, I just provide the content and they take care of the rest. I can concentrate on what I do best and they do what they do best. Sandra’s team care about my goals and my success. I deal with Ericka, who consistently looks after everything for me; she is a real asset to Sandra and I would be lost without her. One great thing I’ve found is that Sandra has an answer to anything; she has access to so many resources. “No, I cannot do this” is not in her vocabulary. I recently went on a family holiday, and it is the first time in 3 years I have gone away and everything in my business still ran like clockwork. I did not have to worry about a thing. Sandra and I have many more projects in the pipeline, I feel lucky to have found her and her team. Thank you Sandra for helping me when I needed it, here’s to many more years of working together. The secret to my success has been having a great support team around me. I am lucky I have the best! I look forward to meeting you all in person one day.



We have been working with Sandra for two years now. She upgraded our self-built
website to a beautiful, clean, functional website with videos, logos, pictures, plug-ins and multiple sections. It’s still easy to manage and update, though we also get easy access to tech support from Sandra and her team if we can’t manage it all on our own. The responsiveness when we have a question or issue is amazing. We have received
tremendous value and have happily referred you to other business owners.



15 Reasons Why I Like Working With You

1. You know your stuff – when it comes to helping small businesses leverage technology – you and the team know it and are up to date. And if you don’t know, you go and figure it out. Creating products, selling online, running webinars, creating video, running teleseminars etc. – I’ve been able to all these things quickly because I have you guys on my team.

2. You rarely say “we can’t do that”, the usual answer is “leave it with us, we’ll figure it out and come back to you.”

3. You save me money. You’re always finding cheaper tools or free tools to do the same task for me. You stop me launching crazy product/programme ideas (even though it would create work and income for you) because you know it won’t be profitable for me.

4. You let me have more time to do the things that I do best.

5. You help me create the impression that I’m really tech savvy, when really I’m not. I’ve just got a tech savvy team behind me.

6. You push me to try new things. Writing a blog, joining twitter, creating multi-media content etc. are things that you’ve pushed me to do early, to help stay up to speed.

7. I completely trust you guys, like I would family or close friends. (E.g. you have access to my card details, PayPal accounts, shopping carts, passwords etc.)

8. Scale – you give me the ability to scale and take on big projects as I have a team

9. yet still the flexibility of working with a small nimble business.

10. Sandra, I was one of your first clients and remember you setting up my newsletters in the middle of the night. But as you’ve scaled and grown I’ve dealt more and more with your team and less and less with you. But you will still get hands-on when needed. You step in and sort out problems at the drop of a hat. Like the day my site was attacked by those v!agra spammers and was covered in sp&m. I was in the middle of an all day workshop at a business school and was just about to show something from my site to the group on the large screen, when I saw my site and thought “oh sh!t”. But I simply sent you an urgent email and knew you’d take care of it. As soon as you came online that morning you personally were on it and dealt with it a.s.a.p. For the days and weeks after you yourself have been mailing Google and wiping it, as you realise how serious an impact that could have on my business and personal brand.

11. Speed of execution. I often get ideas and want to implement them quickly. Having a team around me that can create coupon codes for special offers, update shopping carts, and help me make money quickly before a gig is hugely valuable.

12. You have my back. Overall I feel you, Ericka and the team have my back covered in every respect. Online security, spending my money wisely, giving me ideas to stay ahead of the game, stopping me making mistakes your other clients have made.

13. You make technology easy for me. You’ve held my hand through hosting webinars and video broadcasts when I had no clue about how the technology worked.

14. You give me mobility. I can work anywhere in the world and do so many things because of both the technology tools, and also the support and back up I get from you guys.

15. You’re good fun. Working with you guys is fun – not serious and boring. We have a laugh and get stuff done.



I was pressed with a very tight deadline, tasked with building a complex and sticky
membership site that needed world class graphics and SEO success from day one. I needed the best to help me through it all and one person above all others was recommended…Sandra De Freitas. A short impromptu Skype session later she and her team were on the case. Once we were done, I had one of the top Internet marketing experts look at the site and say ‘wow, who built this? They’re incredible. That’s the best wordpress site I’ve ever seen.’ And the best part is that the site performed better than expected and I went on to launch several successful ventures by leaning on Sandra and her crew. There is no one more versatile, more adept, more genuine and easy to work with than Sandra De Freitas. I wouldn’t imagine creating another intelligent design for web site success without Sandra in the center of it.


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I believe WPBlogsites is the one-stop place for business owners (new and old) to go to have a strong and solid web presence! I hired WPBlogsites to help me re-brand my company Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC and I couldn’t be any happier with the talented team that was assigned to me. WPBlogsites absolutely delivered the online presence that I am proud of and I enjoy the compliments that I still get from clients and colleagues about my www.ultimatehealingjourney.com website. I highly recommend WPBlogsites for those of you who need the extra special touch to help you gain a wonderful web presence. Thank you WPBlogsites!

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