What the (bleep) is a blogsite and why do I need one?

So what is a blogsite really? Why should you care?

What difference would it make to your business if you knew what it was?

Would it attract money? clients? speaking gigs? magazine columns? the clients of your dreams?

Would it make you the go to person in your market?

Would it give you the ability to make changes to your site when you want to without knowing any geekese?

Would it attract Google?

Would it allow clients to find you instead of you seeking them?

If you do not care about any of the above, then please don’t keep reading and ask yourself “Why am I in business anyway?”

If you do care and you want to know more then I invite you to attend a free teleclass to learn more and ask your questions. We promise not to use any techie jargon and explain everything in plain English!

This class is for those who are curious about using a WordPress Blogsite to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status

The teleclass will take place:
Wednesday November 10th 4pm eastern (9pm London, 1pm PDT)
Sign up below!

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