Paid Leads, Higher Retention and Higher Conversions. Who is in?

What business owner doesn’t want paid leads, high retention and high conversions? Of course you want it all! So here’s what I’ve been researching my heart out on and I’m bringing the knowledge back to you. Nano continuity sites is where it is at! Enjoy!

A nano continuity site is a small membership site with low work on your side but great value to members.

Traditional membership sites offer a ton of content a month however this is overwhelming members and overwhelming the membership owners. Imagine trying to pump out new content each month?

With a nano continuity site you offer something of value every week or every other week. What you offer is on a smaller scale then what you would offer in a traditional membership site. Some examples are:

  • book reviews every other week
  • a list of available jobs for your target market
  • a list of businesses that are for sale
  • a mini lesson on how to build your dream business every week

Your creativity is the limit.

Nano continuity sites are priced low ($4.95-$9.95 a month). The low price becomes a “no-brainer” for buyers and therefor converts faster and better than traditional membership sites. Retention is also higher as no one wants to miss out on something just because they wanted to save $5 one month.

Your nano continuity site becomes a great way to gather paid leads and it’s a great place to point new newsletter subscribers or promote when you speak at events, both online and offline.

If you want to create your own nano continuity site check out Ryan Lee’s Nano Continuity Training Program. It’s the program I used to help put together my nano site.

If you need help setting up your nano continuity site my team is here to help!


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