1ShoppingCart Increased Their Rates!? Alternatives For You

Disclaimer: I will receive a small commission for the referrals I make in this blog post. They won’t make me a millionaire but they will help pay for my dog’s eating habits

If you are a 1shoppingcart customer currently paying $99 a month for the “Professional Monthly” service you will (or may have already) receive(d) an email from them 7 days before your next renewal stating:

Effective [immediately] your rate for the Professional Monthly service will be $129.

That’s $30 USD more per month and for what? Here’s what:

3 additional User Access seats (a $25 value) – Security and control. User Access allows you to provide access to contractors, staff and outside help with confidence.

Upsell Express; multi-step (a $49 value) – Create upsell and downsell channels and increase your average order value with single-click sales.

Well big deal! I didn’t ask for these features and I don’t want to pay another $30 a month for them either. Do you?

Here are some alternatives:

1. Stay with 1sc but downgrade your account from Professional to another level.

You will lose your list of affiliates, affiliate software, digital downloads and upsells. If that’s not a big deal to you, then you can downgrade your account and not miss a thing. If you still need affiliate software and digital downloads see option #3 below.
To downgrade your account you will have to call them. 1-888-792-1961, Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm EST.

2. Stay with 1sc but upgrade to the annual account before the price goes up May 1st, 2012 and save $549.

You are currently paying the monthly rate of $99/month right? If you upgrade to an annual plan before May 1st, you’ll pay $999 for the year. If you don’t upgrade to the annual plan and stay with the monthly charge of $129, you will end up paying a total of $1548 this upcoming year!

To update your account log into 1sc, then go to My Account -> Renew/Upgrade and choose “Professional Annual $999.00”

Upgrade to the Professional Annual plan and save $549

3. Downgrade your 1sc account (option #1 above) and use these WordPress plugins instead of 1sc‘s affiliate software and digital download service.

WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin monitors clicks and conversions, add your product/company Ads, banners and links. It integrates with PayPal, eShop, Shopp plugin, WP Shopping Cart, GetShopped/Instinct’s, PHPurchase/Cart66, WooCommerce and E-Junkie (it does not integrate with 1sc). It’s quite a deal at the flat rate price of $49.95 and works fabulously with the WordPress eStore plugin.

WordPress eStore plugin will deliver your digital products to your customers via a “thank you” page and email sent to them immediately. All download links are secure, meaning the link will be encrypted so no one will know where your digital products are stored on your site and you can specify how many hours the generated download link is valid so that product download links are not shared around the web. It integrates with PayPal, 2Checkout and Authorize.net to gather payments and AWeber, MailChimp and GetResponse to gather email addresses. This plugin is available at the flat rate price of $49.95, or you can buy both the WordPress eStore plugin and the  WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin for a flat rate of $79.95.

How do you feel about 1ShoppingCart’s new Professional package?

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  1. I’m not happy nor inspired by 1SC increasing their fee by 1/3. I don’t want or need the add-ons supplied to lessen the sting.

    I think they feel the pinch of many long-time members going over to Infusion Soft in the past year or so. Unfortunately I’m not in the market for them yet.

    Thanks for your article!


  2. Thanks for providing alternatives to 1sc. Not only is it expensive for what you get, the customer service is sorely lacking, the video training they offer is confusing, and – you still have to pay a hefty sum each month to Power Pay . I’m ready to go with Pay Pal only and will definitely consider the other options you mentioned.

    If one does eliminate 1sc, what would you suggest for an auto responder system?


  3. Thanks a lot for this info. I have been looking for an alternative to 1c, but I wanted to have the affiliate-stuff. The rest I don´t need. It is not 100 percent good with the swedish bankingsystem som I use paypal anyway.

  4. Would like to know the social media plugin you are using to get the icons listed at the bottom.

    Tahnks for the additional informationl on the shopping cart.

    • Hi Patricia!

      I love aweber and have been using it for years (5 years!). I have not worked with redoakcart.com unfortunately so I have no feedback on their services, customer support and features. Sorry.

  5. I was planning on dumping 1shoppingcart anyway, and this is the last straw. Now that I’m using just paypal as my merchant account, and I have aweber for my autoresponders, I’m honestly not sure what 1shoppingcart does for me anyway that I can’t do via other services that cost a fraction of the money (or are free).

    Thanks for reminding me about the May 1st deadline! 🙂

  6. Sandra you may remember I left 1sc years ago. I remember being on some coaching forums trying to find alternatives. After some false steps I finally settled on a combination of Ejunkie, PayPal and MailChimp (love, love, love MailChimp). It works. It’s not outrageously expensive and I’m having none of the ongoing frustrations that were a regular part of dealing with 1sc (and I might add AWeber).

    • Hey, I don’t recall that. Good for you though! I have to look at ejunkie again, thanks for the reminder. I have not had a problem with Aweber in the 6+ years I’ve been with them. hmmm….

      • Maybe it was a Mac thing with Aweber but nothing on their backend worked properly even when I had someone on the phone talking me through it. It got so bad I was avoiding sending out emails. That’s when I knew I had to switch. I really love MailChimp. For new businesses and those with small lists, MailChimp offers their service for free up to 2000 subscribers.

  7. You always provide the clearest and most honest information Sandra. Once again, Thank you! Quick question; what program do people who sell less than $100/month use?


    Candace Taylor

    • Hi Candace!

      Thank you for the acknowledgement. 🙂 Made my day!

      I would definitely use PayPal until you make more than $1,000 a month online or until it becomes problematic. I added 1sc and a merchant account to my list when I had people asking me to add another payment option other than PayPal. However, that was years ago and PayPal has won over the hearts of many and more people are using it now. I have had no one complain about PayPal lately and people *ASKED* for it when I launched my nano site, Plugged In Playground.

      Smiles back at ya!

  8. Yes, I’m very disappointed that 1SC has increased their fee by 25%! That is crazy. And they haven’t given us much notice regarding the yearly option. The two features feeling like their giving a pacifier to us to keep us sweet, but its so clear that those are not really that helpful, and that that is what they are doing. I’m using their affiliate system, so feel reluctant to shift over…you know stuck with what I’ve got!

    Thanks for posting Sandra, and giving voice to our frustrations and offering some alternatives!

  9. Thanks so much for the heads up Sandra, just as your team are puitting together my new site & my VA team is transferring all my lists from aweber (which I love) to 1SC (which I hate) – simply because I have a small list size so need to use affilaites to grow it.

    I think I will go back to Aweber & your plugin combination!
    Aison x

    • It is quite annoying isn’t it? At least we knew about this before your lists were moved over officially!

      I think many of us will be exporting our lists from 1sc to another list provider 🙂

  10. Thanks for the great article and reminder! I am not at all happy with the increase in price especially as I have a small list and am paying for nothing really.
    Is there any easy way I can transfer my list over to mail chimp for example?
    Would love your advice, many thanks in advance

  11. Based on your post here I’ve 1) downgraded my account while I 2) take time to explore options and 3) convert over. This is a huge disappointment because I have been with 1shoppingcart since 2006. It will take likely one month (estimating) to convert all over smoothly.

    My webmaster’s suggestion, so far, is proving the best with features, functionality AND assistance in the conversion. Don’t you love competition?

    I would highly recommend people check out https://www.redoakcart.com/features-pricing/ They have everything 1sc has – and a few very COOL differences – at their highest level which is, $77.

    I do NOT get paid for this suggestion. I’m caught in the same dilemma as many people and I’m just sharing my findings.

    Good luck to us ALL.

      • I’ve been a customer of 1ShoppingCart since 2007. I even called them and asked why they didn’t reward customer loyalty. I won’t even share the litany of responses they gave me to that one.

        I like what I see with RedOakCart. Looks like what 1ShoppingCart once was. But I’ve seen ejunkie in action with a few of my clients. So many great choices – which one do I choose? Whatever decision I make, I have to do it soon as 1ShoppingCart will bill my credit card in 7-days. Sandra, do let us know what you end up choosing.

        • Hi Leesa,

          I think a ton of us are giving up on 1sc. I already thought $99/month was too much for their pro package. This just gives me the push I need to cancel it.

          I do like what I see with ejunkie. I like it a lot and I know they’ve been around for ages. I also like that RedOakCart integrates with WishList (and we all know I’m a big fan of theirs). But then again I can integrate PayPal with Wishlist.

          I’ll let you know what I end up choosing. Luckily I have until the first week of May to decide and cancel… 🙂

  12. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for all the great information. I too am very
    disappointed with 1SC and have been with them for many years and actually have not been happy with them for a while so this is a good time to do some research on other options.

    I was also recommended by a couple of people who use and love it, to check out premium web cart and from what I’ve seen so far it has everything and more that 1 SC has with a variety of price choices. I am getting my VA to check it out further since technology is not my strength and I will also have her look into some of the options you have suggested.

    Many thanks. Have a great weekend

  13. Oh I MUST update you all. Now I’m not sure if I got special treatment, don’t think so BUT RedOakCart told me, when I convert over they will HELP with the conversion. Meaning, they will import for me!

    How terrific is THAT. RedOakCart is looking better and better.

  14. Thanks so much for your detailed information Sandra. I’ve been researching options for a couple of my clients and had given up on 1SC a while back because I simply couldn’t justify the cost for what I had in business and the service I got.

    A few months ago, I started review Office Autopilot and have had several discussions with their staff and a couple of very happy clients (ones who were previous Premium Webcart and InfusionSoft users). In fact, one of the folks I connected with had used InfusionSoft, then moved to Premium Webcart (he said their shopping cart was great and was horrified by his customer service, or lack of it actually).

    I don’t now if you’re familiar with it (yes, I am an affiliate AND this isn’t an affiliate link!).


    Although upon an initial look at the pricing table, you would think they only have a package comparable to InfusionSoft, below you’ll see a price chart that shows the pricing from their “baby” package (SendPepper) all the way up through their big kahuna: Office Autopilot. I’ve told them I think they’re doing themselves an injustice by not having the pricing structure visible from their home page.


    They just released a full membership module and did the demo yesterday (which I missed, darn it).

    FYI, I’m a fellow geekette and get into this stuff way too much sometimes (smile). One of the reasons I’m seriously considering this tool is because the “baby” versions actually the big kahuna with features turned off. Which makes it much easier to stay with the same platform as you grow (unless I’m missing something).

    Many blessings and thanks so much for such great info!


  15. An additional note: I haven’t done comparisons with RedOakCart and Office Autopilot, so have no idea of the pros and cons with that combination!

  16. The main problem for most of my clients if they were to downgrade is that the majority of them have the pro account because of Wishlist Member. Once 1SC figured out that so many people needed the API key for Wishlist Member, they made that key available ONLY to those with a pro account. That was their first mistake! Fortunately, there are a few other options popping up here and there. One option that I may start recommending is the authorize.net plugin for WordPress. It’s a one-time charge of $89 and it does the trick! You have to use something like aWeber with it then, but that’s okay by me.

  17. Thanks for this post Sandra. I’ve never liked 1ShoppingCart – pricey and quite clunky for the cost. Used to take me 30 minutes just to find out how many Scanners Night tickets I’d sold! Moved to e-junkie for $5 a month and it’s easier.
    E-junkie affiliate stuff is weak though so will check out that WP plugin you mention.

  18. Thank you Sandra for the quality and GREAT information. Based on your recommendation, I purchased the WP Affiliate Platform and WordPress eStore plugins…using your affiliate link (of course!). 🙂

    I’m a routine “snooper” of your website and love every minute that I spend here!

    Be Blessed!

  19. I’ve been using 1shoppingcart over the last while for digital products (delivering usernames passwords/autoresponders) because it was easy to use and all in one. I am now changing this. I hired a programmer to write a script for using Foxycart with Aweber. Foxycart will process the payments, usernames/passwords stored in plaintext on my website (above web root), usernames and contact information passed to aweber upon order completion.

    Bam. 1Shoppingcart is eliminated.

    Further annoying is after hiking me to the new price, I see their current pricing for new customers is still $99… wtf.

    • Oh Wow! Greg, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m furious that they are charging new customers $99, charge loyal customers $129 a month and switched all their packages around. The $99 package used to include mobile ecommerce and now it doesn’t. I’m baffled by their $249 ultimate package. For $150 more you get mobile ecommerce (ahem), free domain name (big whoop that’s like a whole $10 value) and a custom SSL certificate. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. What a thread! Awesome information!

    As a new business owner looking for shopping carts, this article is so valuable. My business coach recommends 1shoppingcart, but I’ve heard so many negative things about it. This in essence lead me to your site.

    You saved me from a headache and an expensive bill each month! Thank you!

      • Thank you for the tip! It’s looking like e-junkie with an extra (beefed up) WP Affiliate plug-in or Office Autopilot.

        I have referenced this link several times and shared it with my colleagues. Merci!

  21. I’ve used them for over ten years and they’re okay. But they are EXPENSIVE for what they offer. I’m frantically leaving them now because I need an updated website (building it at Weebly) and am sick of paying over $400/year for their most basic cart that still has way more than I need or want. They lost me by overpricing their services.

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