Don’t Forget That Blog Post Idea

My goal is to write a blog post 5 – 7 times a week (that doesn’t mean I will write everyday, you can breathe now!). When I aim to blog almost everyday I tend to generate new ideas for a blog posts easily. You see, when blogging is on your mind everyday you will go through your day thinking about what to blog about next. Ideas will come naturally to you. Clients and potential clients will give you ideas through conversations, questions, tweets and emails. Events in your life, commercials you see, books you read, workshops you attend etc will spark the creative bug in you.

Now that you have generated ideas for your upcoming blog posts what do you do with them? Many people feel like they “have to” write the blog post right away. Others rely on memory to remind them of all their ideas when they are ready to write. Well, you don’t have to write your posts right away and if you rely on your memory you are setting yourself up for disappointment (your brain has enough to think about!).

Instead develop the habit of gathering your blog post ideas in your WordPress account. I like to stay logged into WordPress all day. When I get an idea for a blog post I create a new post, quickly enter the idea in the title field then click “save draft”. I then go back to whatever it was I was doing when the idea came to mind.

When the time comes to write a blog post I can view all of my draft posts, scan the titles and complete the one that stands out the most.

Do you like this idea? How soon will you start implementing it? Let me know below.

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  1. This is a great idea Sandra as I’m forever scribbling on post-it notes and losing them! I’ve also realised that – if you have an iphone and use the wordpress app – that you can do this whilst you are out and about. I often get ideas when out walking the dog, so I’m going to try this. Just remember to save as a draft, rather than a “local draft” which is automatically defaults to, as the post will remain on your app, but not go to through to your wordpress dashboard.

    • Great idea Karen! I also get great ideas when walking my dogs! I think we should pay our dogs a salary or at least give them commission for their contributions! 😉

  2. Sandra, I love this tip! It totally beats paper (as Karen stated) and it puts the idea exactly where it belongs, and where you’ll end up with it anyway (or so is the hope, right?).

    I’m going to implement this immediately…if not sooner!


  3. Great idea Sandra. I’d like to add that you can do the same thing with the keywords you want to target. Once you’ve identified your long tail keywords, create a draft post for each one. When ideas strike, see if the idea fits one of your keywords. Put it all together and you are on your way to creating compelling content for your readers and the search engines.

    • Great idea. I would just reread your title and ensure that its attractive to your reader. Sometimes focusing on attracting Google turns off your readers. 🙂

    • 70+ is better than none! 🙂 Consider scheduling a “blogging day” in your calendar and complete 5-10 of them.

  4. Great ideas there ladies!
    I too find that I get good ideas when dog walking ( a combo of the endorphins flowing, and being in a bit of ‘free mind’ time I think! In fact, I think I’ll make that a core biz building recommendation 🙂

    I find too, that even just noting down title ideas then gets the unconscious mind busy working away to come up with the content to go with the title – because it hates something half finished!


    • I often call my dogs my silent business partners as they always give me great business ideas when we go for our walks. I’ve also been told that running water boosts your creativity. A water fountain, brushing your teeth, doing the dishes or taking a shower can be great ways to brain storm blog ideas. Be sure to install a white board in the shower! 🙂

  5. What an awesome idea! I will start that today on my iPhone! Glad I found your site, you have lots of great info!

  6. Yes, I’m constantly thinking of ideas when I don’t have time and I have a bunch of articles in draft state. When I have time, I scan the articles and look for one that’s calling my name that day.
    My blog is fairly new and I wonder how scalable this idea is.
    Have you found that you eventually get clogged up with unfinished posts?

    • Hi Kayla,

      I do end up with an abundance of unfinished posts, but I rather that than the opposite! 🙂


  7. This is a good idea. I’m going to try implementing it next week along with the editorial calendar. Maybe adding the draft titles to the calendar will prompt me to write more if I actually see a deadline.

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