How Do You Encourage Visitors To Leave Comments

If you have visited my blog lately, you would have noticed a “suggestion box” on the bottom right hand corner that asks “What should we write about next?” A few of you suggested that I write about “how to encourage visitors to leave comments”. So here it is…

Many bloggers make the mistake of writing a blog post thinking that good content will encourage readers to interact with each other and the blogger via comments. They get frustrated, confused and start hating their blog. Yikes, we don’t want that!

The number one way to encourage visitors to leave a comment is to ask them a question at the end of your post. Psychologically it is difficult to be asked a question and not answer it! 🙂 Where else would they answer it but in the comments section? Put a question at the bottom of your posts like “What do you think?”, “What one action will you take now that you have learned the 3 steps to building your blog?”, “Have you tried this or are you going to?” or “Tell use about your experience using blah-blah”.

Now that you have asked your question ask your self this question: Is it easy for your readers to know where to comment? If  not talk to your blog manager to rearrange or reprogram your comment box or tell people how they can comment. “Scroll down to the end of this post and leave your comment in the comment form below, then press submit”. It seems obvious to some how to post a comment but it’s not obvious to everyone. Keep in mind your visitors’ skill levels will vary and you don’t want to make some people feel left out.

If you really want to generate a hot conversation on your blog, think “controversy”. Either mention a controversial topic in your blog and ask people for their opinion on that controversial topic. You can also be controversial on your blog by going against the norm on a hot topic. This strategy always gets people passing around your blog address like a virus, so you will be generating a lot of traffic as well. Being controversial doesn’t mean being rude or inconsiderate of others.

Now that you know how to encourage visitors to leave comments on your blog, what action step will you take? Leave your reply in our comment box.

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  1. Sandra, Thanks for this post as it’s always a struggle to get visitors to leave comments. Of course I too forget to ask that question so I immediately went back to do just that … will have to work on the controversy approach.

    Another tip I share with people is when someone leaves you a comment, return the favor as that’s how new relationships develop.

    • Great tip Tina!! The controversy approach does make you bite your nails but its reward may be plentiful!

      • Having just launched my site, I think I’ll wait a bit before trying some controversy unless it’s too good to pass up.

        Will I see you at WishList Workshop in Vegas?

  2. In these days and age, where conversations have shifted from blogs mostly to facebook and twitter, the questions at the end of blogposts are more to have the readers enjoy their “food for thought” than actually interact.

    But I did follow the advice though, and I am trying to end up my blogposts with a question more than I used to do it.

    Will I keep doing it? That’s another question!

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